2023 The most realistic human hair wigs


How to find the most realistic human hair wigs 2023?

How to find the most realistic wig is a topic that must be very much on the minds of wig lovers. I think first of all, make sure that you pick a wig that matches your temperament and appearance style. For example, your face shape and skin tone need to be taken into account.

1, Face shape and wig selection

Choosing a wig that complements your face shape will take your appearance to the next level. The following are common face shapes and the corresponding wigs that suit them.

Round face

Possible: This face shape is perfect for bob hair that is longer than the chin, ponytails, pillow hair, and shaved straight hair with slight curls are all very good hairstyles. Bangs can be chosen from bangs or slanted bangs and air bangs.

Hair taboo: Avoid dull hairstyles, such as short floppy hair.

Square face

Possible: It is more suitable for very layered hairstyles, such as a bob designed to be long in the front and short in the back is very suitable for square face type options, irregular curly hair with light bangs, irregular layered shape with personality.

Hair taboo: bangs and very neat hairstyles are not suitable, it will make your face more square unlike.

Goose egg face

Possible: Goose egg face can be very good for any hairstyle.

There are no taboos!

Diamond-shaped face

This face shape is characterized by high cheekbones, but the chin and forehead become very narrow.

You can choose bangs, with shoulder length bob and other hairstyles, will make your chin look not so pointed, bangs and can well cover up your forehead.

Long Face

The bangs to the eyebrows or oblique bangs with medium length hair are fine, the slightly curly hair tip design will be more modified long face.

For example, long hair that is smooth and straight is a taboo for girls with long faces, it will make the face look so long and long.

2, Color and wig selection

Although everyone has the right to choose any color wig they like. But in order to keep their overall charm of the replacement, I recommend choosing a wig that suits your skin tone. Among them, black and brown wigs are suitable for any skin tone.

If you belong to fair skin, the choice of color suggestions: blonde, black, burgundy, blue, black teal, chocolate color, etc.

If you belong to yellowish skin, color selection suggestions: burgundy, dark red, chestnut, coffee, rose gold, etc.
If your skin tone is dark or reddish, color selection suggestions: light brown, metallic, flaxen white gold, sand gold, golden brown, etc.

3, Do not forget to combine your lifestyle

When trying to choose a natural looking wig, make sure you consider your living environment. For example, does your workplace require a certain hair length or color in order to look professional?

When it comes to style choices, front lace wigs are more realistic and worn correctly can be achieved as if they were your own hair that originally grew out.

curly realistic long wig

Photo: Hurela Hair | 13X4 Lace Frontal Wig Body Wave Human Hair Wigs | Get Ashley Bedeck Same Hair Style!

If you are looking for the most realistic lace front wigs, then you have come to the right place. At Hurela, we offer only the best quality wigs at affordable prices. All of our wigs are made from 100% real hair and are available in many different colors and styles due to constant product updates. And the best realistic wig in the world is a real hair wig.
Hurela is the most realistic wig brand, providing women with the most comfortable and realistic lace front wigs.

Also, for comfort assurance, there are glue-free wigs, which means they do not require glue to wear, and are very comfortable and easy to wear.

After the wig is bought home and in your hands, you can go to the barber store and give it to the barber to help trim it according to your face shape characteristics. For example, wig products are a template made, this template can not be suitable for everyone, so when we buy a wig home, in order to make this wig more suitable for our own face, you can find a barber to adjust the wig hair, and finally get a more suitable for our own wig. This step is likewise beneficial to achieve creating the most realistic looking wig.

Where can I buy a natural looking wig?

As a top quality real hair wig brand, Hurela caters to all your natural wig needs! Our wigs are high quality, odorless and non-shedding. Here you can find the most realistic wigs!

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