Thank you for your interest in writing for Hurela.COM. We’re now open to guest posts and outside contributions from authors.

If you have good knowledge and expertise in regards to HAIR.and would like to have your own articles featured on our website,then we fully encourage you to apply to be one of our authors. Please take a moment to read through this page.

Hurela is a website that pursue the latest fashion and aim to create your beauty,to deliver the beauty and glam to every woman.Hurela always keep practical & fashionable attitude, to create the perfect various humanity style for you.

We are eager to embrace new, like-minded writers to join our passionate team of contributors.

What We’re Looking For:
We’re always looking for new authors.We welcome individual bloggers to contribute high quality content to Hurela.com.

Love writing about HAIR? We're looking for people to contribute guest posts to the Hurela blog and share their love for all things HAIR.

We are always looking for talented writers and gladly accept guest posts from bloggers. If you think you have a great topic that would interest our audience, we’d love to hear from you. Have a look at our guidelines below before submitting.

Submission Guidelines:
- Content Idea: Please pitch your content ideas to us before you write the actual article. Give us 2-3 article titles that you would like to write about and our editors will choose the one that is most suitable for our audience.

- Original Article:Please only submit original, non-plagiarized posts to Hurela.com. We do not allow posts that have already been published or submitted anywhere else online (personal blogs and social media included) or that you plan to distribute to other websites.Please do NOT send us any advertorials or articles that promote a specific brand or product.

- Topics: The topic must be directly related to HAIR. We are currently accepting guest post submissions in the following categories: hair tutorials, hairstyle trends, hair care,hair colors, hair types, hair appliances,tips&tricks,etc.

- Recommended Article Length: 800 – 2000 words.

- Formatting: Provide a clear takeaway or learning for readers. Use headings, subheadings and numbered lists/bullets to structure your writing.

- Linking out: Include facts, research, sources or personal anecdotes to substantiate your insights, information and arguments (with external links, when appropriate).We do not allow links to commercial websites within guest posts.

- Internal Linking: Link to Hurela.com’s articles as much as possible when appropriate.

- Short Paragraphs: Use short paragraphs, no more than 3-4 sentences per paragraph.

- Multimedia: If the images being used are under a certain license, then you should give it an Image credit by linking it to the source.

- Editorial Rights:We reserve the right to edit articles for clarity, length, etc.You acknowledge that you accept any form of editing that might occur on behalf of the editorial team.

Benefits For Contributors:

· Get 5 To 10 Dollar or 10 To 15 Dollar coupon.

· Increase Reputation. Our Official Website has high traffic(at least 2M each month).Get your Name and your Bio on the Hurela blog.

· Links out to your personal blog and/or social media accounts.

· The chance to have your voice heard and become a prominent part of the Hurela contribute(you can become a regular, paid blog contributor)!

How to Submit:
If you would like to contribute to our publication, please reach out to us at  Lisa@hurela.com.

We consider all our contributors a part of our virtual family. As such, we would like to know a few things about you before you embark on this journey with us. Please give us a short author bio of 60 words or less and send us 3-5 links to some previously published articles(not mandatory, but it will increase your chances of getting approval).

If your application is accepted, you will hear back from us within 1 week. One of our editors will respond and send you further instructions.

Please note that sending your article does NOT guarantee publication.


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