Do You Know About Human Hair Wig Washing?


Human hair wigs are 100% made of human hair. It is popular with more and more people because of its natural appearance. Although the price of human hair wig is a little higher than that of synthetic wig, it is definitely worth more. Human hair wig is soft and can be straightened, curled, bleached and styled as you want. They are also more elastic than synthetic wigs, and you can treat human hair wigs like your own hair. But the human hair wig is as fragile as your own hair, so you should also take good care of and clean it properly. Proper cleaning and care of wigs can prolong the life of wigs. Here are some tips for cleaning and caring the human hair wigs.

How Often Should I Wash My Human Hair Wig?

How often you wash human hair wigs depends on how often you wear wigs, the state of wigs and the environment you live in. If you wear a wig every day, you should wash it once a week. When you feel your wig is dry, it means that your wig should be cleaned. When your straight hair wig starts to curl up or curly wig loses its curl, it is also time to clean your wig. The environment where you live will also affect how often you wash wigs. If you live in a big and busy city with serious pollution and wear wigs most of the week, wigs will get dirty faster, so consider washing them once a week.

How To Wash A Human Hair Wig?

1. Comb Your Human Hair Wig

Before you start cleaning your wig, you can gently comb it with your fingers or a wide tooth comb. This is a very important step, because combing the wig can make your wig smooth, and ensure that no stains accumulate on the hair when cleaning, and also ensure that the hair will not be damaged during the cleaning process. When combing your human hair wig, comb it from the end to the top. Only after the tangles at the end of the hair are combed, can you comb the hair at the root of the hair slowly, which can avoid hair loss because of strong pulling.

2. Soak Your Wig

You can fill the sink with cold water, and then add the shampoo suitable for your wig. For example, if your wig is curly, you can use special shampoo for curly wigs to keep curly hair. If your wig is light colored, you can use solid color shampoo to maintain the color of the wig. Mix shampoo with cold water. Then put the wig in the sink and let it soak in the sink for five minutes. When placing the wig, you can turn the wig cap out first. The wig cap is the place where dirt is most likely to accumulate. Make sure that the wig is completely immersed in water, and do not move the wig during this period, otherwise it will cause tangles.

3. Rinse Away the Shampoo

Soak the wig for five minutes, then take it out and wash it under the tap. Use flowing water to gently rinse the shampoo left on the wig. Remember to keep the water flowing in the same direction as the hair. Let the water flow from the root to the end of the hair, so that the hair is not easy to tangle. You can also gently comb the wig with your figures under the faucet to help the water rinse the shampoo, which can ensure your wig cleaner.

4. Use Conditioner

The use of conditioner can make your wig smoother. Apply the conditioner to the top of the wig, starting from the root to the end. Evenly smear the hair conditioner on the hair, and gently comb the hair with your hands to ensure that the hair conditioner can be evenly smeared. After that, you can wait a few minutes for the hair to fully absorb the conditioner. Then put the wig under the faucet so that the flowing water can wash away the remaining conditioner.

5. Dry Your Human Hair Wig

After cleaning, you can put your wig on a clean towel or an old T-shirt. Wrap the wig with a towel and gently squeeze the water on the wig, allowing the towel to absorb the water on the wig. After that, it is better to put it in a cool and ventilated place to let the wig dry naturally. Before the human hair wig is completely dry, try not to use a hair dryer and comb the hair, because the hair is very fragile when it is wet. After the hair is completely dry, you can shape your wig.

6. Store Your Human Hair Wig

You can put the clean wig on the head of the mannequin. The head of a mannequin is made by simulating the shape of a human head, so it can keep the shape of a wig. If you don’t have any, you can also store the wig in its original packaging bag and put it in a cool place.

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