How to wear a real human hair wig more natural and real


Wearing a wig allows you to change your hairstyle to suit your mood, but wearing a wig requires skill. I believe that we all choose real hair wigs for the real effect. how to Make a Wig Look Natural for Beginners?
The following guidelines will make your wig look as natural as possible.

First, review and evaluate the wig itself

1. Is it a rayon wig or a real hair wig? (As mentioned in the previous article on how to tell the difference)
2. is it a hand crocheted wig or a machine-made one?
3. wig mesh or lace net is the use of DLMF ultra-thin silk bionic scalp breathable base material or ordinary traditional net material?
4. Is there a professional hair weave hair filler according to your hair thickness, head shape, face color, hair loss area size to tailor-made or shopping guide to you directly after the introduction of the purchase?
5. wig received the goods, wear before there is no according to your own head face shape and their original hair trimmed and so on.

These are the factors that affect the overall effect of your wig. Want to make their own wig wear not look fake, you need to take into account many factors. Generally speaking, as long as you are in a professional hair weave hair replacement agency tailor-made real wig, or in a professional brand company specializing in real hair wigs to buy high-end wigs, the effect has been very good.
For example, the use of non-trace invisible technology personalized tailor-made hair replacement method, with real hair hand crocheted, hair filler will be carefully designed according to your head shape, face shape, skin tone, etc., to do the realistic effect of the woven hair wig can reach the degree of falsity, so you do not say, people do not know.
Real hair weave plus good enough professional technology to make the wig equivalent to the effect of growing out of your own head, so you do not have to worry about others can see.

Second, the maintenance method

Fiber wig with washing does not deform the characteristics of the wig, but when washing can not be rubbed by hand, otherwise there will be sticky together phenomenon. Washing method: wet the wig with warm water, put it in warm water containing shampoo soak for 5 minutes, lightly press in shampoo water, then rinse the foam with water, then soak the wig with conditioner soak for 5 minutes, then rinse with water; pick up the wig on a towel lightly press, absorb the moisture; comb smooth, natural drying, drying can be restored to its original state. Before wearing a wig, the hair should be combed as a whole, combing with wooden combing tools. After wearing do not comb a large area, only a simple local adjustment.
Hair wig has a soft, flexible, realistic characteristics. But after washing will be deformed, the need for modeling treatment. Washing method: soak the wig with water, soak in warm water containing shampoo, rub lightly with your hands, then rinse off the foam with water, and then conditioner care; then press lightly with a dry towel to absorb the moisture; rack the wig on a special holder, comb smooth. Styling according to the needs of the hair. Hair wigs need to be restyled after each wash, and various combing tools can be used depending on the needs of the hair style. Most of the styling of hair wigs should be carried out on the bracket, but in the process of operation should be repeatedly set on the wearer's head to try to see the effect, so that the hairstyle fits the face.

Wigs should be commonly used comb comb smooth, and must be regularly cleaned, can be cleaned once every half month. Cleaning wigs is an important work of maintaining wigs, but wigs and real hair, after all, there is a difference, when washing wigs should pay attention to.
First, to use warm water. First put the wig in warm water (15 ~ 30 degrees better) soak for about 5 minutes, note: the water temperature is too hot will reduce the life of the wig.
Second, absolutely can not use the machine to wash, because the wig needs to prevent deformation, washing machine strong rotation may lead to a large number of wigs off, or even loose.
Third, to manually scrub, do not use excessive force, and not for a long time soak, otherwise it will affect the quality of the wig and the overall hair.
Fourth, after cleaning, can not be dried in a washing machine, nor with a hair dryer or put under the strong sun, dry towels to absorb water and dry naturally is the most correct approach.
Fifth, it is important to store the wig to ventilation, wigs, although not real hair, but storage should also consider the breathability, or residual moisture and shampoo is easy to corrode the wig.
Another thing to note is that wigs should not be combed immediately after washing, should wait for the wig to dry before combing, using a special comb for wigs, but usually wigs basically do not use a comb, slightly with the hands to organize it.
Wig storage should also be washed and placed on the stand to avoid folding and even deformation.

Finally, if you start wearing a wig feel uncomfortable, but also a little afraid to go out, you can then match the hat and other accessories, so it will also feel more natural. And then gradually get used to, and then slowly take off the hat, do your own!

Maybe you have not tried to wear real hair wigs, maybe you have tried several brands of wigs, but still have not found a really satisfactory products, then I suggest you try Hurela wigs! All products here are 100% real hair materials made out of more than 10 years of professional production process, factory direct sales, you deserve to have!

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