How to install T part wigs fast and easy?


When it comes to a T part lace wig, one thing occurs in our mind is its easy and fast installation. T part lace wigs only have two sections of lace area, which are different from lace frontal wigs and lace closure wigs. Smaller area of lace do not mean lower quality of wigs, but shorten the time you may take on attaching wigs.

Do you know how to install a T part wig as a freshman?  In this article, I will show you how to install your pretty T part wigs fast and safely. However, if you're new to wearing human hair lace wigs, it can admittedly be a little tricky to navigate. Keep scrolling to learn more about T part wigs installation.


Lace sections of T part lace wigs


Before going to tell how to wear wigs, the crucial thing we must understand is where is the lace of a T part wig. For natural looking, lace around our ears and hairline has to be cut off and trim so that wigs will not look fake. As the same as most lace frontal wigs, lace of T part wigs sites along our hairline, which gives us the choice to style baby hair. Another lace section locates on the head top, covered by human hair and could not be seen from the above. This part of lace do not need to lay down, just make its color close to your skin by tinting some pressed powder.





Clean and dry your own hair. This step is necessary for any types of wigs installation. Wearing wigs without drying your own hair generates bacteria, which is the culprit to hair damage and loss. Oily hair increase the risks of dropping. So, please clean and completely dry your hair for safe and health keeping.

Get the tools you need: a wig cap, pressed powder, pressing comb, lace spray, a dryer, scissors.



Installation steps


Clean your hairline skin

Make sure there is nothing on your forehead skin, neither oil nor water. For some women who want to have more natural hairline looking, laying down lace is inevitable. Clean skin provide a great place for holding lace on tightly. Cosmetic should also disappear for safe keeping.


Wearing a wig cap


It is not a necessary step for everyone. If you want to have a neat hair and hard to see your own hair, wearing a wig cap is a good option. Tighten and conceal your hair inside the cap and wrap the cap onto your head.


Fix the wig


T part lace wigs differ from V part wigs, which can show up your own hair outside. So, you have to use clips and elastic bands to fix the wig on the place. Glue is needed for more safe keeping. If you are already wearing a cap, clip the wig clips into the edge of the cap. Or clip the wig into your hair without wig caps.

Adjust the elastic to a comfortable size, do not be too tight or loose.



Cut off excessive lace around your ears


Cut lace into sections that make it easy to work with. When you are going to cut lace off, there is no need to worry about cutting too much lace so that your hair looks weird. Leave out enough lace to fit your hairline is okay. And your wigs will not break down because of lace cut around your hairline.


Lay down the lace around hairline


T part wigs on hurela are a great option for an everyday commuting wearing, because it lays pretty well without any products. Try to install T part lace wigs without glue if you are not a perfectionist. It will mostly lessen your time and make wigs attaching labor-timing.

Press the comb to lay down the lace and then, use lace spray, a temporary adhesive, to lay down the lace against your head skin. Spray little by little to ensure everywhere is soaked so that it will firmly fix on your head when it is dry. Use a dryer to blow cool air and press hair by comb to help keep the lace in place. Take your time to really press the lace in.

When the lace begin to dry, use an elastic band to wrap the lace to help ensure that the lace laid and dry.


Make your hair edges


Hair edges or baby hair can give you more natural feelings and balance your face. Learn how to style baby hair is a good way to elevate your beauty. Pulling out the baby hair and spraying in between the lace. Part hair edges from other hair. Trim them off to the proper length, about 1 to two inches. Too long or too short length is not recommended.

Lay the baby hair against your head, and use the lace spray to wet it. Apply a small brush for styling by your heart.

Tint some pressed powder on the edge to make looking natural.


Style the wig freely

T part lace wigs have many styles, like straight Bob, curly Bob, deep wave and so on. Use the certain style is perfect and styling by yourself is also available. Coloring wigs to create your own style and give yourself more pretty appearance.


Okay, that is all for T part human wigs installation. Before attaching a wig, please get all the tools you need. Wash your hair and dry it completely. Cleaning your forehead skin is inevitable. You can choose to wear a wig cap or not, which depends on your own tease. Cut the excessive lace out and lay down the hairline lace. I believe you will have a great hair finally.

Hope the passage is useful to you.




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