Does the color of wig fade?


A flawless elegant look contributes to show our beauty and bring us great feelings. For people who are blessed with nice hair colors, they do not need to take great effort on choosing and dying the right hair color that suitable for them perfectly. But most people, like me, having not the perfect color but want to own pretty one which could benefit our hairstyles and face features.

Considering the risk of hair damage by dying natural hair, buy a color-treated wig seems a better choice, and also can protect hair from allergy. And could the color of wigs last as long as natural hair? If it isn’t, how long will the color of human hair wigs and synthetic wigs last?

To figure out these questions, we have to clear up what affect color lifespan.


Factors that affect the lifespan of wig color


Wigs are the product that wear out as time goes on. They could not last forever and need good maintenance to keep health, like your cars. The times you are used, the quality of wigs and the product you condition all influence the final result.


1. The material of wig


In general, there are two types of wigs classified by material, synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are known for their convenience and radiant gloss. With lower price, synthetic wigs are available for everyone for daily wearing compared with human hair wigs. They are made of fiber, which means they are easier to be hurt by external environment, such as high temperature, ultraviolet, and dust in the air.

The color of a wig is tied to its longevity. But your wigs may exist longer than the color. The cuticle of human natural hair keeps healthy and has oil gland that supplies oil through our scalp to protect hair and color. But oil gland is totally absent in wigs so that they must absorb nutrition to feed hair. Great quality wigs build a wall to hold up oil and water from running off. In this condition, the hair will be more glossy and the color of hair by careful maintenance. The color of synthetic wigs could last for four months to half a year if you wear the wig daily with good maintenance.

Human hair wigs consist of human hair or virgin human hair, also called unprocessed human hair, having the similar texture with our natural hair. Because their cuticles are not destroyed by chemical product totally, remy hair wigs are considered as high-quality and long lifespan. But it does not mean that a real human hair wig wouldn't fade, since our natural human hair does not fade. Actually, without oil gland, human hair wigs have to get nutrition from types of hair product. If you ignore to condition wigs, the color will fade quickly and hard to turn back. Luckily, a longer lifespan and the similar texture offers the possibility to keep the color well for a long time. This kind of wigs will last for 1 to 2 year if you maintain them greatly.


2. The way you treat wigs


High temperature and strong ultraviolet are the culprits to color fade. Hot heat is allowed for human hair color-treated wigs and affect the color less than synthetic wigs. Made by fiber, synthetic wigs have to avoid any heat tools to keep moisture and oily. Using a flat iron will cause hair of synthetic wigs dullness and start to dwindle hair luster. Although it is okay to style human hair wigs by heat tools, frequent usage and too high temperature are not advisable for color keeping.

In addition, you will be wrong if you thought regular hair wash takes toll on hair color. In fact, wig color is susceptible to a host of issues, such as dust, sweat, products like gels and too much oil. Leaving the wig unwashed for a long time causes impurities to build up on the surface of the cuticle and damage the cuticle. The hair color fade easily when you wash your wigs under this condition.


 3. The color of hair


Fashionable girls who change the color of their hair frequently know that they have to bleach the dark hair to dye a lighter color. Hair bleaching is a chemical hair dye technique that strips the color of your hair strands. Bleaching begins with an alkaline agent that opens up your hair cuticle. Next comes the oxidative agent that penetrates the hair cortex and dissolves the hair's natural melanin (the natural color of hair). The longer you leave this agent in your hair, the lighter in color your hair becomes. After done this, people could dye their hair from natural black or brown to blonde.

Color-treated wigs you brought must be processed like that to fade the natural color and turn the hair into another pretty color. Because most of the hair as the raw material of wigs are dark, the lighter color shows up finally, the longer time oxidative agents last on the hair. All these bleach products will hurt the hair severely. The less time for agent usage, the healthier hair you will have. In other words, the darker color you pick, the longer time the color will last.


4. Maintenance

The way you maintain and care for your wig determines the rate of color fade.

Brush the synthetic wig by a special comb made for fiber brush. Strong pull with improper tools will cause severe hair damage and increase the speed of color fade. Remember? High temperature hurt the hair like soldering irons ruin our skin. Do not forget to lessen the times of heat tools usage while wearing your wig. The less you heat style it, the longer hair color will last.

For me, long hair with curly hairstyles is wonderful and suitable for any occasion. Body wave hair elevates our temperament and makes us attractive. And at the aspect of maintenance, longer hairs are more likely to fade faster than shorter hairs because of friction.

When you use wigs every day and wearing them for hours, a long lifespan is impossible to achieve. But that would be putting the cart before a horse to prolong wigs’ lifespan by reduce the usage times. Understanding how to use wigs properly and bearing hair maintenance in mind are the better option. If you are a beginner to take care of hair, this article How to maintenance your wigs' color will help you.


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Q Can you permanently dye a wig?
A Yes, you can technically dye your synthetic wigs, but we do not recommend dying synthetic wigs as you run the risk of completing ruining your wig. Some wigs are easier to dye than others, like wigs made with human hair. Learn more about the different types of hair fibers you can find in wigs.


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