How to maintain your wigs' color?


Do you feel embarrassed when your wigs color faded? Will you irritate by your straw, dull wig? Color-treated wigs, includes all-over hair color, balayage, highlights, lowlights, gray coverage, etc., are easy to be damaged by lots of reasons. Turn the wig back after hurt needs much time and money investment because of its fragile features. So, knowing what cause wigs color fade and how to maintain the color early could help you flatter your beauty.


What cause wigs color faded?

Ignore UV protection

Some people may think that your wigs do not need UV protection as you do on your own hair. But, have you been experienced hard sun shine that burn your scalp and human hair wigs, even smell the burnt meat? It is a joke. However, the same thing appears to your wigs, whether they are human hair wigs or synthetic wigs. Go outside without a hat or using improper UV protection, your wigs will suffer from direct sunlight than damage, even colors faded because of your zealous invitation.


Wash with too hot water

Lipsticks are the indispensable pal for every trendy girls. And have you been noticed lipstick melt in the summer? I guess you do. Imagine, thousands of molecules enter your cuticle and embrace each other, then your hair turn into another color. But they hate hot water so that jump out of your cuticle. Gradually, you will see your hair color faded.


Processing short time

For women who love dying wigs themselves, take care of your hair and know exactly how to do help you achieve your dream color effect. Please pay attention to the time that kept coloring agent on your hair. The time that forces hair cuticles open and absorb artificial color is different for your different bio hair colors. Insufficient color processing time can not make sure colors maintain for a long time.


Use heat tools improperly

The word improper not only means you may use the tool without following instruction book, but also indicates that too high temperature you apply to. Whatever you choose, curling wands, flat irons or blow dryers, too hot temperature range is not recommended. When your hot tools come to a certain degree of centigrade, the molecules inside the hair can burn off and lose its luster. As time goes on, color-treated hair will gradually lose its colors.


How to maintain your hair colors?

What goes on after your hair color dyed is just as important as what happened before and during your color service.

Dying hair is a process that encourage molecules to enter into your hair cuticle. So, maintain our hair colors equal to keep these molecules stay put. And how to achieve this goal? It is very easy.

Just treat them like your dog!


1. Keep use hair conditioner frequently, like oil

Like feeding your dog, your hair need to eat something to keep healthy and strong. High-quality conditioner boost color molecules work harder. They hug each other tightly, and you will get more glossy hair. What’s more, if you feed them frequently and appropriately, they finally become robust and could not push through the entrance when protective film formatted.


2. Wash wigs properly

Firstly, clean your wig with proper water temperature. Then, reduce the wash times. The more you wash your hair, the faster your color will fade. Shampooing causes the color molecules hard to hug tightly, and the color then washes out little by little. 


3. Dry your wigs by air

Put the blow-dryer on the one side and letting your strands dry naturally. By avoiding excess heat, you lose the risk of opening up those cuticles and allowing those color molecules to fade. But for time-assuming, if you have to use a machine to dry your hair, promise me, use a blow-dryer correctly at the proper temperature.


4. Avoid some harmful ingredients

Sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride, and petrochemicals are all the harmful ingredients for your hair. Color-treated hair has a feature that trend to dullness. As sulfates has the function to give shampoos a bubbly lather, and they end up removing too much oil from your scalp and hair and can contribute to dryness.


5. Wear a hat outside

Ultraviolet ray is the killer. It keeps silent and kill the color molecules one by one. Not only it could burn your hair, but also hurt your scalp. As the same as burned woods, burning hair is almost irreversible. Harm before care is not a good option. Take care of your fascinating wig and remember to wear a hat on the sunny days.


6. Try clarifying shampoos

Clarifying shampoos could deeply cleanse the hair to get rid of excess buildup. By removing product buildup, hardened sebum on the scalp, and excess oil, clarifying shampoos actually help the color or bleach penetrate the strands better, as these impurities leave a film that functions as a barrier.





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