Difference Between V Part And U Part Wigs


In this fast-paced era, our pace of life has become very fast, so we have no time to waste. The same is true of becoming beautiful. If you want to have a beautiful nail, you have to spend a long time in the nail salon. So in order to enable girls to have beautiful nails and save time, people invented wearing nails. Similarly, it is well known that if you want a nice hairstyle, you will spend a long time in the hair salon. So people invented wigs. V part and U part wigs are more convenient wigs to wear. This article will describe what is a  U part wig, what is a  V part wig, and the difference between V part and U part wigs.

What is a V part wig?

The V part wig is an improved version, which is a modified semi wig. There is a V part opening at the top to let your hair pass through, so that your hair and wig can be better integrated. Some people may have allergies when wearing wigs or using glue. V part wig doesn’t have lace. There is no need to use glue or wig cap when wearing it. This not only simplifies the installation process of the wig, but also reduces the cost of the wig. You don’t need to buy wigs and glue. You can show your own hair in the V part opening. Your own hair is in direct contact with the wig, so your hairline will look natural. V part wigs do not have lace and no manual parts, so the price of V part wigs is usually lower. Since there is no need to use a wig cap and glue when wearing, the V part wig can be worn as soon as you receive it. You don’t have to worry about the extra cost. V part wigs are very convenient to wear. If it’s your first time to wear a wig, you don’t have to worry about not taking it. You just need to tidy up your hair before wearing a wig and fix the clip near the V part opening on your hair.

The features of V part wigs:

1. Wig caps and glue are not required

2. The direct contact between the wig and the roots of the hair makes the hairline look more natural

3. No lace part

4. The price of weaving is relatively lower

5. Easy to wear, suitable for beginners

What is a U part wig?

U part wig is also a modified version of a wig. A U part wig has a U-shaped opening at the top for hair to pass through. The U-shaped opening exposes more area, which means it looks more natural when worn. Like the V part wig, the U part wig has no lace and is easier to wear without the need for a wig cap and glue. The U part wig has adjustable straps and clips inside to help it stay firmly in the hair. Feel free to vary the style of hair that is sticking out from the top of your head. Use splints or a curling iron to get the desired curl. U part wigs can also help you complete a variety of hairstyles. You don’t have to worry about looking unnatural because there are more exposed hair. When you wear U part wigs, it looks like your own hair.

The features of U part wigs:

1. Comfortable and breathable

2. Easy to put on and take off

3. It blends perfectly with the original hair.

4. Wig caps and glue are not required.

Difference between V-part and U-part wigs:

1. The size of the wigs

The exposed area of the top of the V part wig is smaller than that of the top of the U part wig. The more original hair is exposed on the top of the head, the more natural it looks. Because the exposed part is your own hairline, the hairline will look very natural. The original hair can blend well with the wigs. The exposed hair area of U part wig is large, so it will be more natural.

2. Target users

The exposed hair on the top of the V Part Wig is less, so the V Part Wig is very suitable for people with less hair on the top. U part wigs: more hair is exposed on the top of the head, so people with less hair on the top of the head are not suitable for this wig. U part wigs are very suitable for people with hair on the top but less hair on both sides.

3. The way of wearing

V part wigs can be directly worn as soon as it is received. You only need to comb your original hair, and then fix the clip near the V-shaped opening on the V part wig on your hair to complete the wearing. The U wig has bands at the U-shaped opening. You need to cut off the bands before wearing it, and then you can wear it. It is very easy for the two types of wigs to install.

If you are looking for high-quality V part and U part wigs, you can visit Hurela. Hurela provides high quality wigs with different textures, types, items, colors and lengths. You can choose whatever you want.

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Questions & Answers

Q Are u part wigs better?
A Since a portion of your natural hair will be left out, U-part wigs offer more versatility when it comes to sectioning out your hair, and often give a more natural-looking finish. You also have the freedom to style your edges however you'd like.
Q Can you sleep with u part wig?
A The chemically unprocessed hair is safe to use. You also sleep with the wig as you do with your existing hair. You can design different sizes of u-shape. This U-shaped opening gives you an opportunity to blend your hair with the wig and expose your scalp to give you a natural-looking hairline.


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