Will My Wig Fall Off ?


Nowadays, wigs are more and more popular with girls. Some people wear wigs to cover their baldness, while others wear wigs to change their style. Some people want to wear wigs, but they have a lot of worries. For example, they worry about whether the wig will look fake, whether the price of the wig is too expensive, and whether the wig will fall off easily. More and more rumors about wigs are circulating, which leads to many misunderstandings about wigs. If you are worried that the wig will look unnatural, then you can choose a natural lace wig. If you think wigs are too expensive, you can buy cheap wigs. As for the question that the wig is easy to fall off, it depends on how you choose it. If you choose a wig suitable for you and the correct wearing method, the wig will not fall off easily. If you don’t know how to make your wigs not fall off easily, then read on. Let’s take a look at the tips that make wigs not easy to fall off.

The reasons why wigs fall off easily:

1. The Wrong Size

Buying a wig that fits your size is the first step to having a beautiful wig. If your wig is too big, it will easily fall off your head. If the size of your wig is too small, it will be very difficult for you to wear it, and you will feel very uncomfortable after wearing it. You will also feel obvious tension on your scalp. Sometimes you spend a lot of time and try a lot of methods, but you can’t make your wig fit well. Then you should consider whether your wig size is appropriate or not.

2. Bad Weather

We don’t recommend wearing wigs to go out in very bad weather, such as stormy weather. Even if your wig fits your size, and you use the correct method to wear it, your wig will still fall off easily. Because when the wind is strong, people may be blown away, let alone wigs. All you have to do is try not to go out in windy weather. Staying indoors can not only protect your personal safety, but also protect your wig.

3. Wear Wigs With Incorrect Method

Wearing wigs incorrectly is a mistake that many people will make. It is not a simple thing for a beginner to wear a wig correctly. So before you wear a wig, you need to check the videos and articles about the correct way to wear a wig. Only when the theoretical basis is sufficient can we do a good job in practical operation. The incorrect way of wearing wigs will make wigs easy to fall off, so it is very important to learn the correct way of wearing wigs.

Tips To Keep Wigs From Falling Off:

1. Buy A Wig That Fits You

Before you buy a wig, you need to know your head size. This step is simple. All you need is a soft tape measure. There are six parts you need to measure: the circumference of your head, the length from the forehead hairline to the nape of your neck, the length of the forehead hairline from the left ear to the right ear, the distance from the left ear to the top of the right ear, the distance between the two temples and the length of your hairline that back of your head. Record these six numbers, and then buy a wig according to these sizes. You also need to pay attention to the size of the wig. Generally, the wig manufacturers will clearly indicate the size of the wig, or you can go to the wig shop to try on the wig.

2. Braid Your Hair

It’s best to braid your own hair before wearing a wig. On the one hand, braided hair can become very neat. Flat hair can help you look very natural when wearing a wig. On the other hand, braided hair can also increase the grip with the wig and make the wig more firmly. Braiding your hair can also protect your hair. Braided hair reduces the friction between your hair and your wig and also reduces hair loss. It also can keep your hair hydrated so that it doesn’t look so dry.

3. Wear A Wig Cap

Whether to wear a wig or not is a personal choice. Some people like to wear wig caps, and some people don’t like to wear wig caps. If you want to make your wig firmly, we suggest you wear a wig cap. If you have hair under your wig, you may also want to consider wearing a wig cap on your natural hair. The wig cap can serve as an additional form of protection because it keeps the wig in place without additional sliding. Just don’t forget to use hairpins to fix the wig on the wig cap and hair.

4. Make The Wig Stronger

Generally speaking, as long as you wear the wig correctly, your wig will not fall off easily. But some people are still worried. Even if you wear a wig of the right size, some people may still feel anxious. If you are still worried and feel that the adjustable shoulder strap included in the wig is not enough, you can choose to use hairpins to fix the wig on your own hair. Or you can use tape and silicone strips to fix your wig.

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Questions & Answers

Q How long is a wig supposed to stay on?
A Six Weeks. Don't Wear Your Wig for More Than Six Weeks at a Time. While experts generally agree that you should take a break after six weeks, don't hesitate to remove it sooner.
Q How long will a wig last if worn everyday?
A For many, a human hair wig is an investment that the wearer hopes to use for a long time. Luckily with the proper care, human hair wigs tend to last more than a year when worn daily and up to three years when worn occasionally.


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