What Can I Use Instead Of Wig Glue?


Wigs have become very popular among black women. That's because they can enhance their looks and give them that elegant and sophisticated look they are yearning for. When it comes to wig installation, most wigs are installed using glue. But what if you suddenly can't find your glue? Or, what if you have sensitive skin and cannot use glue on your scalp?

Well, there are plenty of options available. You don't have to use glue to install and secure your lace frontal wig because there are other methods you can use. In this article, we explore other ways through which you can install a wig rather than using glue. Let's explore them.

Wig installation alternatives you can use today

We have you covered if you are looking for other ways to install a wig because your skin reacts to glue. Here are other ways to install your wig without using glue.

Elastic band

One of the most popular alternatives to wig glue is the elastic band. These elastic bands are often found on most glueless wigs. The elastic band holds the wig securely to create a flat natural-looking hairline. Sadly, not all wigs come with an elastic band, meaning you may have to sew one yourself.

Pros of using an elastic band

-Elastic bands are more beginner-friendly compared to glue when it comes to installing a wig.

-This method leaves the edges undisturbed since it doesn't use any adhesive

-This method of wig installation is waterproof

-The elastic band holds the wig securely, helping create a flat, natural-looking hairline.


-The lace will not be as flat as it would be with glue

-The snug fit may make the wig feel more uncomfortable

-How to install your wig using an elastic band

To make the band attachment process easier, you need certain supplies, including:




-Measuring tape

-Elastic band

Steps to secure your wig with an elastic band

1. Using the tape measure, measure your head from ear to ear. Take your measurements in inches.

2. Decide how snug you want the wig to be. If you want a loose fit, subtract an inch from the circumference. And if you want the wig to be extra snug, you can subtract 2 inches.

3. Cut your elastic band to the length you ended up with

4. Sew each end of the band onto the ear tabs on both sides of the wig cap. Keep the stitches as close as possible.

5. Try on your wig and check its fit. You can then remove the stitches and adjust them as you need.

Wig grips

A wig grip is a perfect option if you have a sensitive scalp. Wig grips are headbands made from a non-slip material worn underneath the wig. It keeps the wig from sliding around and can also be used with wig clips or an elastic band to reduce slippage.

Pros of using wig grips

-Wig grips are very gentle on the edges.

-They are very comfortable compared to other wig installation methods

-The application process is pretty faster

Cons of wig grips

-Wig grips can cause bulkiness, especially at the top of your head

-They can contribute to overheating

-The grip may feel a little uncomfortable if you remove your wig regularly

How to install a wig using wig grip

Things you need

-Wig grips

-Your ideal wig


1. Open the wig grip and put it on like a headband

2. Fasten the ends using the Velcro straps

3. Pull your wig onto your head starting from the front as you work your way down the sides.

4. Pull the wig onto the rest of your head

5. Examine the wig and adjust any gaps you notice

6. Shake your head to test if the wig is secure

7. Style your wig to your liking.

Holding spray

Holding spray is also one of the most popular adhesives used for installing and securing curly lace front wigs. It creates a long-lasting hold that is gentler and safer for your hairline than wig glue. What's more, it doesn't cause skin irritation. So if you are looking for the best way to secure your wig without causing damage to your hairline, the holding spray is a perfect option.

How to secure your wig with holding spray

Gather all the material you need, including:

  • Maximum strength holding spray
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton ball
  • Silk scarf
  • Blow dryer


1. Pour rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball and wipe the skin directly along your hairline. This helps remove any excess oils, cleanse them, and make it easier for the spray to adhere to the skin.

2. Put your wig on your head and adjust it until you like how it lays.

3. Lift the lace gently and spray an adequate amount onto your hairline

4. Use a blow dryer to dry the spray until it becomes sticky. This takes just a few seconds.

5. Once the spray is sticky, pull the wig down and press the lace into the spray.

6. Working in small two-inch sections, hold the spray bottle an inch or two away from your skin and spray the spray onto your hairline.

7. Use the end of a rattail comb to push the section into the spray and dry it with a blow dryer.

8. Move on to the next section until you complete the entire front hairline.

9. Wrap your edges with the silk scarf to keep the lace against your skin as it dries

10. Remove the scarf and make sure that the hairspray is completely dry.

11. Using a cotton ball soaked in alcohol, clean any leftover spray from your lace.

12. Style your wig to your taste and preference, and you are good to go.


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