What are the really cool wigs to wear?


How about a cool wig for summer? In summer, the weather is relatively hot. Wearing a wig is the pursuit of ventilation and coolness. It is recommended to choose a wig with a single layer of mesh, preferably hand-crocheted. This kind of wig has the best air permeability effect, and it is a thin piece. It will not be stuffy on the head. In addition, if you choose a hair with a little less volume, there will be no sense of weight.

Now many people tend to choose this kind of wig, and because this kind of wig is hand-crocheted, it can be distributed and sewed at will without being obtrusive. It is a cool wig suitable for summer.
For people with oily hair, I highly recommend the hand crocheted wigs, which allows you to divide the hair seam at will, they are much more breathable than traditional wigs, light and refreshing, and the scalp can feel the wind blowing! In addition, there is a cooling artifact that can help you. It is a special cooling spray that can be sprayed directly on the head, and can enter the scalp through the net bottom of the wig, which still has a good cooling effect.

How to wear a wig in the summer without feeling hot?

1. There is no absolute way to avoid heat. You can only choose the best thin and breathable wigs among many wigs to achieve the effect of not sweating. Secondly, the length of time, habit, and adaptability of wearing a wig are all very important; if you wear a wig often and have almost developed a habit, you won’t feel a strong sense of foreign body when it is buckled on your head. As if it were your own hair, you will naturally feel less hot.
2. The weather is too hot in summer. It is recommended to reduce the time of wearing wigs. For example, you can take them off when you get home to give yourself a chance to rest and prevent heat stroke.
3. It should be noted that most wigs on the market are not real hair, and contain certain chemical substances, which will damage the scalp if worn for a long time. When choosing a wig, pay attention to the air permeability and the material of the hair, and try not to choose the cheap synthetic wig to reduce the damage to the scalp.

Below, we recommend some classic cool wigs for you


Photo: M38 Color Human Hair Wig | Hurela Natural 13x4 Lace Front Human Hair Wig For Women

This is a brown-toned wig, but the red highlight hair is mixed inside to make this wig more vibrant, and the overall color is still relatively bright. Brown is a classic fashion, adding bright spots in brown creates a richer color, which is unassuming yet elegant! It has the most popular Balayage in 2023, and it belongs to the optional cool blonde wig in summer!
I recommend this wig because it is stylish without being overly exaggerated, and meets all your requirements for daily travel and fashion pursuits. If you are looking for a cool colored wig, you can consider buying it!
Its material is human hair, so it can be shaped arbitrarily, and it is also very beautiful when made into curly hair! body wave, loose wave, deep wave... All kinds of curly hair as you like, let you look like a hot girl!


Photo: Ombre hair weave | Hurela Ombre Balayage Highlight Body Wave 3 Bundles #FB30 Color Hair

This is a gradient wig. The mature production process makes this gradient wig a good display effect. It is really a cool blonde wig. Have you ever been impressed by it?
It is also a very attractive brown tone, and the gradient color makes this wig have an amazing effect on the head! Realistic and beautiful, just like going to the barbershop to ask a stylist to make a hairstyle for you, it is shiny and moving, who would have thought that it is actually a wig!
Similarly, it is a human hair material, which is allowed to be reshaped, can be arbitrarily transformed into a desired hairstyle, and can be reused.


Photo: 5x5 lace closure | Hurela HD Lace Wig, Pre Plucked Body Wave Hair Lace Closure

Similar to brown, black hair will never go out of style! Black can suit any skin tone, complement your skin tone and temperament, and is a color that is not easy to go wrong! The body wave makes this hair more natural and enjoys its smooth lines in summer.
The high-definition transparent lace allows you to distribute the seams at will, showing supernatural hair seams. With pre-plucked baby hair, show the real hairline. Good quality and won't lose hair easily.
It is a really cool wig, which can give you a comfortable experience while achieving realistic effects. Do you like such a free part wig?

The above products are all from the 100% human hair brand - Hurela. They all use 7A level unprocessed hair, no knots, no hair loss, can be worn for a long time, reused, and can be restyled arbitrarily. Shipping: The fastest optional USPS overnight shipping. Return policy: We accept 30 days no reason to return or exchange products that have not been used.

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