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Light and color are linked in the sense that color is the result of light reflecting off an object, and only the color of light that the object is reflects. The pigmentation of your hair reflects light in the case of your hair. However, the pigmentation of your hair and the color you see may not always be the same.

The natural pigmentation or color of your wig may not be properly displayed depending on the current lighting. A wig, like natural hair, will appear brighter and more vivid in sunlight and darker and less detailed in low light. This can make finding the perfect wig for you difficult at times.


So, before you choose your wig 's color, consider the best type of wig for you and your lifestyle. Is human hair suitable for you? What about a heat-resistant synthetic wig? The selection is critical because the same color of each of these wigs will appear differently on them.


If you want an auburn wig, for example, human hair will look warmer whereas synthetic hair would look colder. However, this guideline varies depending on the manufacturer, and is mostly dependent on the temperature.


Then there's your skin tone to consider. When you get the hang of it, it's quite straightforward. In plain English, you should choose hues that are no more than two shades lighter or darker than your actual hair color.


 However, as long as you stay within the color range of your hair's temperature, you don't have to commit to just one hue. When purchasing such wigs online, be cautious. In terms of the color you want, the information and photographs may or may not be accurate.


 Here's an example of how to apply the popular color system in online wig shopping. And, if you get the hang of it, it's actually rather straightforward.


Different Color Range:

Blacks range from 1 to 1B.


Browns range from 2 to 12.


Blondes range from 14 to 26.


Natural reds range from 27 to 33.


Vibrant reds range from 130 to 134.


Grays range from 34 to 60.


So, if a color has a lot of color in its range, you'll pick a deeper shade, and with lighter colors, you'll use the same strategy.


So all you have to do now is choose a wig, and you'll be set to pick the perfect color! Click here for additional information on how to wash your wig and here for more information on how to wear your wig!

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Questions & Answers

Q How do I choose a colour?
A We aim to make purchasing the right colour online just as easy as in our salon (or easier)! Once you have found a style you like, it is time to select a colour option. If you are new to wigs, consider staying close to your natural colour (you can always have fun experimenting with colour later). At Hurela Wigs, we capture our colour photo images in an extremely controlled studio environment making them the most consistently accurate available. You can also order colour rings or make use of our expert colour consultation services by submitting a photo or a hair swatch.
Q What Color Wigs Look Good On Light Skin?
A Opting for a blonde wig colour for lighter skin is a great idea, but be sure to stay away from platinum blondes or icy colours, if you are concerned about drowning your skin colour out a little. Golden tones and darker blonde tones are perfect and will really add warmth to your look!
Q What Wig Color Should I Choose?
A There are many things you need to consider when choosing your hair color, such as your natural hair color, your skin color, your eye color, the environment you live in, and the occasion you wear it. When it comes to your natural hair color, you need to choose a color that is close to your natural hair color, because trying a new hair color comes with a price and the result may not satisfy you. Therefore, when choosing a color, you should avoid drastic color changes. It is generally safer to choose a color that is no more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. When you really want to try a very different color, it is recommended that you transition to it gradually over a period of time.
Q What Makes A Wig Look Natural?
A Wigs can look unnatural. Plucking the hair along the wig's part and hairline can give a more natural appearance. “There should be a gradient-effect,” suggests Mayvenn. “If the hair is too dense at the part, lightly pluck to create a more natural-looking part.


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