Something You Need To Consider Before Selecting A Wig Density


As more and more women seek beauty, wigs are becoming popular all over the world. In the process of finding the most natural wig, you need to make some choices. For example, choose a human hair or synthetic wig, what color wig to choose, and what length wig to choose. Of course, you also need to consider another important factor - wig density.

What is wig density?

wig density chart

By definition, wig density is the density of the hair sewn onto the wig cap. It is expressed as a percentage and can measure how full your wig is. Low hair density can be as low as 50%, while high hair density can be as high as 250% and above. It is not difficult to know that a low-density wig will look thinner, while a high-density wig will look fuller. It is important to note that wig thickness and wig density are not the same things. Wig thickness refers to the width of individual hair strands. So even if your hair is thicker, you may have low-density hair and vice versa. The standard density of a wig is 120%, which is known as natural density. This is almost equal to the density of hair on an average human head. Therefore, it gives the most realistic feeling and is very light on the head, making it very comfortable to wear.

Why do you need to care about wig density?

wig density

The reason wig density is so important to us is that it affects many things.

1. Wig Appearance

It is not hard to imagine that a low-density wig is significantly thinner than a high-density wig. A high-density wig can enhance your styling ability, while a low-density wig may not be full enough to accomplish some styling.

2. Wig Wearing Experience

When you wear a high-density wig, you will feel like you have many layers of hair. Low-density wigs may not give you this luxurious experience.

3. Price

Generally speaking, high-density wigs are more expensive than low-density wigs.

4. Wig Care Procedures

Low density, medium density, and high density have different wig care procedures.

Wig Density Classification

Above we mentioned that wig density can be as low as 50% and as high as 250%. Now we need to classify it in more detail.

Low-density wigs: (60%-90%). These wigs are particularly light and are more suitable for those with thinning hair. Low-density wig caps are also used on the front of the wig to create a natural hairline.

Medium density wigs: (130%-180%). These wigs are generally the standard for the most natural-looking wigs and are the most used.

High Density Wigs: (190%-250%). This type of wig provides you with full fullness and volume. Most celebrities and influential people have wigs of this density.

In order to visualize the differences between the various densities of wigs, we have included a chart below.

wig density chart

How to choose the right wig density?

Choosing the right wig density can be a challenging task. To help you make sense of it, we've provided a few factors you can consider.

1. Wig Length

When choosing a wig density, you must first decide on the length of your wig. This is because different lengths have corresponding recommended densities.
For short hair of 12''-16'', we recommend a density of 120%-180%. In between these numbers, you can choose the density you prefer according to your desired effect.
For medium hair of 18''-22'', we recommend a density between 190%-200%. This is because as the length increases, the corresponding density should also increase, which will ensure that the hair has more volume and fullness.
For long hair of 24'-30'', we recommend a 250% density wig. This density will ensure that your hair is full from root to tip.

2. Natural Hair Density

If you need to blend a wig with your hair, you will need to measure your natural hair density first. Then choose a density that is similar to your natural density. For example, if your natural hair is very fine and thin, you should choose a wig density that is close to 130% to 150%. On the other hand, if your natural hair is very thick and full, a wig density of 180-250% will give you the most natural look.

3. Your Age

Age affects the density of your natural hair, which in turn determines whether your wig is natural or not. As we get older, our hair naturally thins out. Therefore, if you want to get that natural look with a wig, you should not consider buying a wig with a higher density.

4. Wig Hairstyle

You may decide on the density of the wig depending on the hairstyle you are looking for. High-density wigs work well with straight hair wigs. Low-density wigs are best suited for hair with curves, such as body wave wigs and bob wigs.

Now, do you have a clear idea of which density wig to choose? Hurela offers you 150%, 180%, 200%, and 250% for you to pick up. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Questions & Answers

Q How Do I Choose My Wig Density?
A There are four things you can consider when choosing your hair density: wig length, your natural hair density, your age, and your wig hairstyle. Let's talk more about wig length. For short hair from 12''-16'', you can choose a wig density of 120%-180%. For medium hair of 18''-22'', you can choose a density between 190%-200%. This is because as the length increases, the corresponding density should also increase, which will ensure that the hair has more volume and fullness. For long hair between 24'-30'', you would be better off choosing a wig with a 250% density. This density will ensure that your hair is full from root to tip.


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