Should I Wash My New Wig Before Wearing It


Finally! You have received your affordable human hair wig and can’t wait to wear it. The excitement that comes with buying a wig can make you wear your wig before washing it. But this is absolutely wrong. A new wig must be washed before wearing it.In this article, we discuss why it is important to wash a wig before wearing it as well as give you tips to help you wash your new wig properly. Let’s get started.

Should I wash my new wig before wearing it?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions asked when it comes to wigs. When you receive your new human hair wig, it may appear as if it is very clean and need not be washed. But this is far from the truth. You must wash it, especially if you are planning to wear the wig for an extended period.

Why it is important to wash your new wig before wearing it

You must be asking yourself: why do I need to wash the new wig when it is actually new? Well, there are reasons that should prompt you to wash your new wig before you wear it. These reasons include:

1. To remove any chemicals left on the wig

There is no denying that lace front wigs are usually made with the help of certain chemicals, even if most wig manufacturers deny this fact. There are chemicals used during processing to make both the human hair wigs and synthetic wigs look good and keep the wig styled during transportation. When you wear your wigs without washing them, the chemicals may get into contact with your scalp and cause skin irritation and allergies. Of course, you wouldn’t want that.

So, the best thing you can do to prevent this is to wash your wig to get rid of any chemicals left during the production process. You can use shampoo and conditioner to wash the wig. This will give you a good wig wearing experience.

2. To eliminate the residual smell

Wigs usually come with a smell regardless of whether they are human hair wigs or synthetic wigs. That’s because of the various chemicals that manufacturers use during the production process. These various chemicals can make your new wig produce a smell.

The best thing you can do to get rid of the smell is to wash your new wig before wearing it. If you are those ladies with sensitive noses, the smell can make you feel really uncomfortable. If you wear the wig without washing it, it means that you will have to live with that smell for quite some time, especially if you are considering wearing the wig for a long time.

3. To enhance safety

Another reason to wash your new wig before wearing it is for safety purposes. Before you actually receive your wig, you don’t know what happened to it during shipping, how many people handled it, or who packed the wig. For sure, you cannot tell all of these. So, for safety purposes, it is best to wash it just to make it safer for your head. In addition, you need to inspect it thoroughly, if you find anything wrong with it, it is best to return it.

How to wash your new wig

Now that you have understood just how important it is to wash your new v part wig, let’s see how you can wash your new wig properly before putting it on. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you wash your new wig before wearing it.

Brush your wig gently

First things first, before you start washing your wig, you need to brush it gently with a wide-toothed brush. This is to help you get rid of tangles and knots. But remember to be as gentle as possible because you could remove the wig hair strands. Start from the ends first as you work your way up towards the roots until you can brush or comb through the wig without snagging.

Put the wig in cold water

Fill your sink with cold water, then add 1 to 2 squeezes of shampoo. You should use a shampoo that is specially designed for wigs. Stir the water and the shampoo using your hands. Then you can put your wig into the water. Refrain from using hot water as it can significantly damage the wig. Wash the wig with your fingers thoroughly

Pass your fingers through the strands of the wig to help distribute the shampoo evenly. You can also give it a gentle swirl.

Rinse out the shampoo

Rinse your wig with lukewarm water to get rid of the shampoo. Depending on the wig’s thickness, you may have to rinse it twice.

Apply conditioner

The next step is to ensure that you apply conditioner to your cheap wig. Make sure the conditioner is specially designed for your wig. Comb the hair with the wig to ensure the conditioner penetrates through the wig. Let it rest on the wig for a few minutes before rinsing it.

Rinse the conditioner

Once the conditioner has rested on the wig for a few minutes, it is time to rinse it. For this, you should also use lukewarm or cold water. Make sure you rinse thoroughly until there are no traces of conditioner left on the wig.

Remove excess water with a soft towel

Now that your wig is dripping wet, it is time to remove the excess water. Don’t rub or twist the wig to remove the excess water. This can make your hair frizzy or even lead to hair loss. The best thing you can do is to place the wig on a microfiber towel. Roll the towel into a tight bundle, starting from the end that has your new wig on it. Press down on the towel, then gently unroll it and remove the wig.

Dry your wig

Finally, it is time to dry off your wig completely. The best way to go about this is to dry off the wig naturally. Place the wig on a wig stand and place it in an open place with enough sunlight. But if you are in a hurry and cannot wait for the wig to dry naturally, you can use a hairdryer, but make sure that it is on a low or medium temperature. Too much heat can damage your new wig. Once it is completely dry, you can enjoy your fabulous wig.

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A The U part wig has many advantages and I would like to summarize it in four areas: First, creating a natural look. Unlike lace wigs that achieve a natural look through a transparent lace covering, this wig makes the wig appear very realistic and natural by blending the wig with your natural hair. Second, protects your hair and scalp. the U-shaped wig has U-shaped holes that allow your hair and scalp to breathe more because it is not subjected to the stress of a traditional sewn-in weave. Third, it promotes hair growth. A U-part wig is essential in your transition from wig to natural hair. You can remove it at night to give your hair a chance to grow and breathe. Finally, protect your skin. U-part wigs don't require glue and stitches, which is a lifesaver for girls with sensitive skin. Also, these clip-in wigs won't harm your real hair and prevent hair loss.


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