Lace Wigs VS Non-lace Wigs - How To Choose?


For newcomers to the world of wigs, choosing a suitable wig is undoubtedly challenging. The first question you face is usually what kind of material wig to choose: lace wigs or non-lace wigs? Below we will clarify for you the difference between the two types of wigs.

1. What are Lace wigs?

The lace wig is a special kind of wig made on a transparent lace base. It is arguably the best wig on the market, based not only on its realism but also on its breathability and convenience. Wearing it, most people can't even tell that you are wearing a wig, and that is exactly what is expected to see. In addition, wearing it does not harm our scalp or hairline because the lace is breathable.

lace wigs

The lace wig is a multi-functional item that may be worn for a variety of occasions such as work, parties, and ceremonies. With many different styles, colors and lengths, they can be worn to suit any taste. Depending on one's needs, they can distribute hair parting anywhere and still look normal. In addition, these lace hair wigs can be modified such as permed or dyed to achieve the desired look.

lace wigs

According to the size of the lace area to divide, lace wigs can be divided into lace frontal, lace closure, T part lace, and full lace wig, of which the full lace wig is the most expensive to produce. Because the hair needs to be woven one by one by workers, which is very labor-intensive. However, there is no denying that full lace wigs are the most realistic and undetectable wigs that look as if they are growing out of your scalp. In addition, a full lace wig can last up to 6 weeks and you can even wear it in the shower and for sports.

2. What are non-lace wigs?

non-lace wigs

As the name suggests, a non-lace wig is a wig without lace in the wig headgear. This is a traditional wig, usually made in one piece by a machine. This wig is very convenient to wear, and even a novice friend can wear it quickly. However, such wigs generally cannot be styled and distributed at will. So, you have to make sure you buy what you like. The exception is that the Hurela V part and U part can do partial styling.

3. What’s the difference between lace wigs and non-lace wigs?

Through the description of the above article, we roughly understand two types of wigs. Regarding the difference between them, we can explain from the following aspects:

-Material: lace wigs are partially or fully lace, while non-lace wigs are fully elastic net.
-Technological Process: lace wigs are generally half-hand-woven or fully-hand-woven, while non-lace hair sets are generally machine-woven.
-Price: lace wigs are relatively expensive, while non-lace hair sets are relatively cheap.
-Wearing method: lace wigs usually require special glue to bond the lace part, while non-lace wigs are usually worn directly by fixing the hair with clips.
-Aesthetics: lace wigs are more realistic and beautiful, while non-lace wigs are easier to identify as wigs.
-Plasticity: lace wigs can generally be made into various shapes, while non-lace wigs generally cannot.
-Comfort: lace wigs are thinner and therefore more breathable, while non-lace wigs are not.

lace wigs vs non-lace wigs

4. How to choose?

We have distinguished the difference between Lace wigs and non-lace wigs, so we can buy different wigs according to our needs:

We have distinguished the difference between Lace wigs and non-lace wigs, so we can buy different wigs according to our needs:
-If you are a novice and have limited financial ability, it is recommended to choose a non-lace wig, which is convenient to wear and meets the needs of daily life.
-If you participate in important occasions or have high requirements for wig quality, it is recommended to choose lace wigs, which can make you sparkle in the crowd.
-If you want to try lace wigs but have limited financial ability, it is recommended to choose Hurela T part lace wigs, so that you can have the natural feeling of lace wigs without spending too much.
-If you want to buy a non-lace wig but want to have a natural hairline, I recommend Hurela U part or V part-related products.

If you want to buy a wig or get the latest information about wigs, feel free to contact Hurela staff, we will provide you with the most enthusiastic service and the highest quality wigs in the industry.

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