Keep Lace Front Wig From Slipping,5 Tips For You


When it comes to lace front wig, the impression girls have of it must be easy to wear, comfortable and not very expensive, such a lace front wig is widely popular among the majority of women. But in the process of wearing the lace front wig or in the use of the lace front wig, there are always such problems: why my lace front wig always slip, why I always wear my ace front wig can not be stable? If you also have the same trouble, in this blog I will put forward some tips for you, to tell you what methods can keep. In this blog, I will give you some tips on how to keep your lace front wig From Slipping.

Ⅰ. Choose a good quality lace front wig

First, choosing a good quality lace front wig is the best way to solve the problem of your lace front wig always slipping down. Because of the good quality of the place front wig, inside the wig will be installed with small clips or ties. Small clips are able to help you fix the place front wig on top of your own hair, and ties can adjust the size of the place front wig. Choose a good place front wig will reduce a lot of trouble for you, donmily all place front wig is very good quality, inside are attached with small clips can help you fix the place front wig. And itself has a fixed clip place front wig, also will not let you wear wig when Always can not find your little clip to where, in short, is very time saving.

Ⅱ. Wig cap can fix your lace front wig

Do not underestimate the wig cap, in fact, it has multiple roles. First, the wig cap can be our own hair coiled into the wig cap, can be a good way to hide our own hair. Second, the wig cap in our own hair and place front wig between, play a role in separating, because our scalp will always secrete some oil and dandruff, and these secretions will place front wig cause a certain degree of damage, which will reduce the use of place front wig in term. And wear wig process if the use of glue or gel products, many times will be directly pasted in our own hair above, which will undoubtedly let us produce hair loss problems, in the long run, the hairline problem will become more and more obvious. And wig cap at this time, it plays a role of separation, but also can be very good for place front wig to provide a point of attachment. After you wear the wig cap, you can apply fixed products on the wig cap, so as not to damage the hair can also be fixed well lace front wig. In the market, the type of wig cap also a variety of mesh wig cap, lace wig cap and so on, you according to their own choice to decide what kind of wig cap on it!

Ⅲ. Wig grip can make the place front wig wear more secure

wig grip can evenly distribute the weight of the wig, can be very good to prevent lace front wig slip. Wig grip is elastic, and very light, the use of a long period of time, is a very cost-effective choice. If you wear wigs every day and already feel uncomfortable, then wig grip is a better choice for you. Wig grip has adjustable straps at the back of the wig grip, so you can adjust the size of the wig grip according to your own head circumference to better wear your lace front wig. Wig grip has a variety of options, you can choose from black, brown or pink according to your skin tone. You can choose black, brown or pink, now a transparent wig grip in the market also sold very well, transparent wig grip with non-slip design, the PVC material used to better Keep Your lace front Wig From Slipping.

Ⅳ. Wig clip, the simplest tool to keep lace front wig from slipping

Wig clip is the simplest tool, because the purchase cost is not high, and it has multiple purposes, but if you wear a wig cap can no longer use these wig clip, in the middle of the wig cap and wig clip to choose a use for it. The wig clip is a cheaper tool to prevent the place front wig from slipping, it has many colors and different sizes, it is also very convenient. If you have your hair coiled before wearing a wig, then you can just use the wig clip, which can be directly snapped on top of your hair, and the other end can be directly attached to the lace front wig. But there is a point worth noting is that if you are no hair itself, or you use a wig cap, then you can not use wig clips.

Ⅴ. Wig tape keep lace front wig from slipping during the period of time

The last thing I share with you is wig tape, although it is not advocated that you are using wig tape to fix, but it is indeed a way. Buy a roll of wig tape you can use for a long time, you cut out the shape you want in the process of using it, just put wig tape on the part that is close to your hairline to keep your hair and lace front wig away from makeup, grease, etc. Carefully apply these strips along your hairline and make sure they are relatively evenly spaced. Do not apply the tape to your natural hair, as it may tear off your hair when you remove it. The reason you are not recommended to use wig tape is that it can damage your own hair, and wig tape is not as sticky and after a few hours your place front wig may come off.

Wearing lace front wig, what we value most is the comfort and naturalness, hope the above sharing can let you clear how to keep your lace front wig from slipping.

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Q What are the advantages of Lace Front Wig?
A Very easy to install and is also very comfortable.Multiple different hairstyles can be achieved including pulled back styles.Can easily disguise hair loss along the hairline with a lace front wig.Offers a natural look by covering the entire hairline.


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