Hurela Cyber Monday 2020 Online Shopping Tips


Cyber Monday has always been linked to the Net One event,the biggest online shopping spree in years,do you want to miss it? Hurela Mall online discounts


11.28-11.30          35% off discount

Cyber ​​Monday    38% off discount

Below are some of the best-selling products in our Hurela Mall,they all have great discounts


Lace Part Wig
Headband wig

Hurela Afro Curly Hair Half Wig 150% Density Kinky Curly 3/4 Half Wig For Sale 12-28 Inch Half Wig For Black Women Curly Human Hair Wigs For African American

$68.06  FRO BEST BUY

Originally $104.71 Save 35%


Lace Part Wig
Lace part wig

Hurela Best Natural Hairline Long Straight Hair Wigs Unprocessed Straight Human Hair Lace Part Wig Human Hair 150% Density For Women, Natural Color T Part Hand-Tied Lace Hair Wig, Fake Scalp Wig Virgin Human Hair

$92.30  FRO BEST BUY

Originally $142 Save 35%


Lace Part Wig
Human hair weave

Brazilian Body Wave With Lace Closure 100% Virgin Human Hair 7A Grade Human Hair And 10-20 Inches Lace Closure

$68.53  FRO BEST BUY

Originally $105.43 Save 35%



1. Make sure you shop from a secure website.

Before you enter your credit card details and complete your purchase,make sure that the website is completely reliable.The easiest way is to check the beginning of the URL-it must start with https://,and most importantly,you must see a padlock icon next to the URL bar of your web browser. In some cases,you may even notice a stronger level of security called extended authentication SSL. In this case,the company name is displayed in green next to the address bar. All these signs indicate that the provided data is sent securely (it is encrypted first) and therefore cannot be intercepted by hackers sniffing network traffic.Before entering credit card/bank account information or other sensitive information,please make sure to fully trust the website.It is recommended to use a credit card instead of a debit card for shopping,because credit cards provide a safer way to shop online. For example,unlike some debit cards,credit cards have spending limits.You can also use virtual credit cards instead of regular credit cards to make your online shopping more secure. Never make online shopping through suspicious links.Cybercriminals may send you various shopping recommendations,offers and deals,as well as malicious links,which are exactly the same as the original link via email,social media sites and instant messaging services.

2.Set a secure password for your online shopping account.

Most online stores need to create an account before making the first purchase.For this,the person must provide his/her address, name,phone number and some payment information.Then,the website asks to set a password for the account so that the user can log in and easily purchase items next time,or just check the status of recent orders. Make sure that the password you set is safe so that hackers cannot crack it and then steal your personal information.In the worst case,they may even make unauthorized purchases after gaining access to your account.Using secure passwords can be a big challenge, but you can use Cyclonis Password Manager (a trusted free password manager) to automatically generate secure passwords for your account easily.

3. Use PayPal to buy goods from unknown websites.

There is no doubt that providing credit card details when purchasing goods from unfamiliar websites is risky,but if you still plan to take the risk,you should consider using PayPal or other reliable payment systems.It does not directly provide your credit card information.The website you want to buy from may not be technically malicious,but it may lack basic security features,so one day it may be hacked. Therefore,even if you have purchased items from this website once,your privacy may be compromised in such incident.

4. Never use public Wi-Fi for online shopping.

Using public Wi-Fi for shopping,especially when it is completely insecure,is one of the biggest mistakes made by online shoppers.When you are in a cafe,airport or other public places, you may want to do some online shopping,but this is far from a safe practice,even if it may save you some time,because hackers often monitor unsafe The internet. In this case,the hacker may obtain your credit card information to complete the purchase when you enter the second credit card information.Therefore,it is strongly recommended that you use private Wi-Fi for online shopping-it is encrypted and cannot be easily hacked if a strong password is set.If you have no choice but to use public Wi-Fi,you should at least use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).All data sent from the device you use will be encrypted,which means that sensitive information such as your credit card details will be hidden.

5. Always use common sense Finally,and most importantly,never lose common sense.

Yes, we all like to save money in online stores,but cybercriminals also know this,so if the online offers you see seem to be too good,you should avoid them at all costs. You might receive hundreds of offers via email and see products advertised on Facebook at this time of the year. Most likely,a larger portion of them are sent to you by a trusted company. However,if you are asked to buy,the price of an electric bicycle is less than $50,then the offer you receive is probably just a cybercriminal trying to trick you into paying for something you will never get.They may set up false offers and fraudulent websites with the purpose of stealing personal information.

Make Every Girl Afford Beautiful Hair

Hurela Mall recently has a big promotion on Black Friday. Every wig you like has the greatest discount. We will provide you with 24-hour online service.If you wish to explore another categories of headband wigs feel free to browse at and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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