Human Hair Wig Online Shopping Guide


Hello, are you a newbie in wigs? When buying natural wigs online, you have many choices, and there are details you don’t know and factors that must be considered when choosing, so you definitely don’t want to waste money trying all wigs. Fortunately, many hairstyling experts, influencers and YouTube workers have already done this for you, so you can choose the right wig product of your own and avoid the first mistake.

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1. How To Online Shop For Human Hair Wigs?

2. What Kind Of Wigs?

1. How To Online Shop For Human Hair Wigs?

Step 1. Start with style

We want to narrow down the search scope according to the hair length, texture, and hairstyle you need. In the beginning you need to choose those styles that are suitable for you, and the length is also suitable, but when you slowly become a fake fever lover, your hair will have unlimited possibilities, and you can be bold according to your desire. Try various styles of hair. To have a lot of fun. Certain face shapes will be completely retouched and changed due to certain hairstyles!

Step 2. Find your wig size

Although average-sized wigs usually suit about 95% of customers, you will find that quite a few wigs also use small, large wigs. Please consider that there are also adjustable straps with a maximum length of 1/2 inch so that you can fit comfortably and safely. To determine the wig size that suits you, please start from the front hairline, behind the ears, on the neck, and on the other ear, then return to the front hairline, note your size, and refer to the table below. Please note that the size of each type may be slightly different, not all wigs have the same type size.

Step 3. Which type of hair is right for you

When considering the composition of the hair, first consider the headband wig, because it is more friendly to novices and easy to wear and manage.


2. What Kind Of Wigs?

2.1 Human hair

Provides the most natural look, and can also present a more varied style, requiring more styling-especially after washing, very durable-after proper care, it can last for more than a year

2.2 Premium & Remy Human Hair

At present, the highest quality human hair on the market, the scales keep running in the same direction, and it is necessary to reduce tangles during normal care. More careful collection and processing technology can produce higher quality products, and the price will be correspondingly higher.

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2.3 Synthetic hair

High-quality artificial hair has a very similar appearance and touch to human hair, and provides limited styling diversity. However, it cannot use heating tools, and usually does not need to be taken care of. It can be worn directly when going out, but it is not Durable, with only six or seven months of use time at most.

2.4 Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair

Provides more styling versatility. This kind of hair can be styled with heating tools, which will give you more styling variability, but you must pay special attention to avoid tangles, and it is less durable than ordinary synthetic hair for 2–3 months, and still need proper care.

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Make Every Girl Afford Beautiful Hair

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