How To Wear Lace Part Wig


Hello,everyone,this week's wig recommendation is coming again,this week I will recommend and explain to you how to wear lace part wig.

lace part wig


1. What Is A Lace Part Wig?

2. Why We Need Lace Part Wigs?

3. How To Wear A Lace Part Wig?

1. What Is A Lace Part Wig?

As the name say,this kind of wig is made of part of lace. Lace wig or front lace wig is a special wig made on transparent lace bottom. The front lace wig is hand-woven with real human hair on a transparent lace bottom. The bottom of the full lace wig is entirely lace, while the front lace wig only has transparent lace where the hairline is obvious. The rest of the parts are made of materials that are not easily damaged. This material is comparable to lace,and does not have the ability to withstand tearing.

lace part wig, human hair wig, human hair lace part wig

2. Why We Need Lace Part Wigs?

2.1 Realistic Appearance

The hair bundle of the lace front wig is firmly fixed on the wig cap. When worn on the head, it is almost invisible to the naked eye unless you look closely. People will think that the wig you wear is your real hair, which is exactly what you want them to consider, because lace is almost imperceptible.

2.2 Diverse Styles

You can separate your hair anytime, anywhere without worrying about other people not seeing the unattractive foundation. Because the front part of the lace front wig is made of lace only, and the back part is made of thicker and more obvious material, it is best not to braid your hair into a high ponytail or bun. Otherwise, it will expose an ugly backside that you want to hide from people.

2.3 Breathability

Ordinary wigs can make people feel hot and uncomfortable,especially after prolonged use, because the wig cap is too strong and does not allow the scalp to breathe. However, if you use a lace front wig, there will be no trouble because the lace material is very transparent. It can make the scalp breathe. Moreover, it will actually feel like it does not exist at all.

2.4 Can be worn for a long time

If you use high-quality glue or tape, the wig can stay for two weeks without shifting. However, if you only use the adjustable straps that usually come with the wig to fix the wig, you can only use the wig for a short time. Stylize and decorate it. After the wig is completely fixed, you can set the style as you like. You can take risks at will. Wigs can be knitted, curled or decorated as needed. If you have artificial wigs, avoid heating the wicks as they will melt or damage.

lace part wig, human hair wig, human hair lace part wig

3. How To Wear Lace Part Wigs?

3.1 Prepare the wig.

Before putting on the wig, you need to make sure that the hair of the wig is not stuck in glue or tape. Make sure to collect all the hair from the ponytail wig. If the hair of the wig is short, place the clip close to the edge. If you are using a full lace or medium lace wig, cut the lace to match the hairline. Make sure not to cut too much and interrupt the natural hairline of the wig. Leave a bit on the edges so you can stick it on your head and look natural. Don't worry about what your false discovery is. It will become messy during placement. You can style it after wearing it. Give out the fake on the head.

3.2 Put on the wig.

Place your finger on the wig area that will be placed in the center of the forehead. Place the dummy on the head, then center your fingers and gently extend it to the scalp. After that, gently pull the rest of the wig over the top of the head. Make sure to keep the sides as far away from the glue as possible so that they don’t stick before preparation. Don't bend down to put the wig from behind. This will make your wig look eccentric, and some parts of the hair may stick to the sticky material before preparation. If you are wearing a wig for the first time, please start the placement process in advance so that you have time to adjust the wig before leaving home. You must practice to place it perfectly.

If you need additional help in choosing a wig, please feel free to contact hurela. You will be very happy when you try a wig that suits you. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed in us.

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