How To Wash Human Hair Wigs?


Human hair wigs are expensive, but they are definitely worth the money. Because they are made of real hair, and they are more elastic in straightening, curling and coloring than wigs made of synthetic fibers. You need to know not only how to wear a wig, but also how to clean it. Like synthetic wigs, human hair wigs need to be cleaned regularly. But because they are very fragile, you need to be very careful. Some people who wear wigs don’t wash them. Some people do not know how to clean wigs, and some people even do not know that wigs can be washed. Some people throw away wigs when they are too dirty. It’s all very bad. Taking good care of your wig is very important for your life and appearance. It is not difficult to keep and clean the wig. It only needs careful and gentle care. Most wigs are dyed and chemically treated to remove the cuticle. Hair wigs should be handled carefully, because these processes can make the hair more fragile. Here are some tips for cleaning human hair wigs.

1. Comb Your Wig From The End

Use a wide toothed comb or fingers to comb the wig before washing it. When combing the wig, you must start from the end, and only when the end is combed can you comb it up bit by bit until you can brush or comb it with a brush without getting stuck. For stubborn tangles, using spray conditioner can help loosen them. Combing from the hair end to the hair root can reduce the pulling of the wig in the process of combing and reduce hair loss. Use a wire wig brush to brush straight or wavy wigs, and use a wide tooth comb or finger brush to comb curl wigs.

2. Fill The Basin With Cold Water And Mix Shampoo Into Water

Fill the basin or sink with cold water. Remember that the water temperature must not be too high. High water temperature will damage the color and quality of the wig, making the wig more seriously damaged. Then add shampoo to the water. You can use normal shampoo, or you can use shampoo special for wigs. Shampoo special for wigs contains less harmful chemicals than traditional hair care products. The damage to the wig will also be less. Add a proper amount of shampoo according to the length and density of your wig, and then mix the shampoo in the water.

3. Turn The Wig Over And Soak It In Water

Turn the wig over and leave the wig cap on the outside. There is grease and dust accumulated on the wig cap, so pay special attention to the cleaning of the wig cap. Put the inverted wig in water for five minutes. The shampoo in water can dissolve the dirt inside the wig. During these five minutes, you can rotate the wig so that every part of the wig can be immersed in water. If your wig is very dirty, you can soak it for a while to make it completely clean. If there is residual glue on your lace wig, you can soak it for a while and then brush it gently with a small brush.

4. Rinse With Running Water

Soak the wig and rinse it with running water. Gently rinse all shampoo on your hair with cold water to let the water flow from the root to the tip. When washing, be gentle, do not twist the wig, and do not rub it too much. Rinse gently until all the shampoo has been cleaned. Gently squeeze out excess water from your hair, do not rub or wring it dry. In the process of cleaning, you must be gentle to avoid damage to the wig.

5. Apply Conditioner And Wait For Two Minutes Before Rinsing

After cleaning the shampoo, gently squeeze out the excess water. Apply the hair conditioner evenly when the wig is still wet, and then gently rub the hair conditioner into the hair of the wig with your fingers. Some hair conditioners may have instructions on how much to use. Apply it to the wig according to the instructions of the product. Let the conditioner stay on the wig for two minutes, so that the wig can absorb the nutrients in the conditioner. After two minutes, rinse the wig thoroughly with cold water. Also, be gentle and don’t twist or wring your wig.

6. Dry The Wig

After thorough cleaning, wrap the wig with a towel and gently absorb the excess water. Then put the wig on the wig rack. Put the wig rack in a cool and ventilated place to let the wig dry naturally. It is best not to use a hair dryer. Because the hair dryer is harmful to the wig. When the wig is completely dry, gently comb it with a wide toothed comb.

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