How To Use Heat Styling Tools The Right Way


Heat styling tools such as a flat iron, hair curler, or blow dryer are must-have tools for every lady. That’s because these tools are essential when it comes to helping you style your hair or lace front wig. While these heat styling tools are essential, it is not advisable to overuse them as this can lead to hair damage, such as dry hair and hair breakage as the hot hair temperature can draw the moisture from your hair.

That’s why it is important to use the heat styling tools the right way so that you can prevent these damages. But what is the right way to use these heat styling tools? Here are tips to help you achieve a gorgeous look when using heat styling tools.

1.Use high-quality hair products for daily hair care

Investing in high-quality hair products is crucial if you don’t want your hair to be damaged easily by a heat styling tool because of the rich nutrient. Selecting the right hair products is crucial for your hair’s health. Certain chemicals found in shampoos and conditioners, such as parabens, sulfate, and propylene can cause dandruff, scalp itching, hair tangle, and even hair loss.

You may also consider a hair mask when it comes to hair care. It consists of rich ingredients, such as lipids and natural oils that are essential to balance the scalp and nourish your hair. And if you opt to wear affordable human hair wigs, you must maintain them too and use heat styling tools the right way when styling them. This can help extend their lifespan.  

2.Use high-quality heat styling tools

Other than investing in high-quality hair products, you should also invest in high-quality heat styling tools. This can help prevent hair damage to your hair. For instance, there are three different types of flat irons, including tourmaline, ceramic, and titanium. Of course, each of them can straighten your hair, but each of them has unique features that make them better for certain hair textures. The best thing you can do when it comes to choosing a flat iron plate is to go for one that distributes heat evenly and slithers through the hair effortlessly.

3.Remove tangles and knots before using heat styling tools

Whether you are straightening your hair, curling, or blow drying it, the less time you hold the heat styling tools to your head the better for the overall health of your hair. This is why it is advisable to comb through your hair first to remove all the tangles and knots before you go ahead and apply heat to it with any of your heat styling tool. Of course, this will reduce the time you spend on your hair trying to untangle your hair or remove any knots, so you don’t hold the heat for a very long time on a certain area of your curly lace front wig. You can use a wide-tooth comb to remove any knots and tangles from your hair or wig.

4.Always use these tools on dry hair

One of the things you should always have in the back of your head is that you shouldn’t use any heat styling tool on wet hair. This can cause significant damage to your hair. Hair is usually very delicate when wet. The best thing you can do is to wait until it is completely dry before you get to straightening. In addition, you are more likely to experience electric shock when you use hot styling tools on your hair when it is wet.

5.Avoid high temperature

Another incredible way to use heat styling tools is not to set them at high temperatures. One of the mistakes we often make when using heat styling tools such as flat irons is to wait until they become enough hot before we straighten our hair with them. But the truth is that the hotter the flat iron is the more likely it will cause damage to your hair. So how can you use it the right way?

Well, the best thing you can do is to put the heat tools at low or moderate temperature settings, and not high temperatures. If you think that your hair needs more heat, you can increase the temperature gradually.

6.Work in small sections

For a smooth and flawless hair look, you need to straighten your hair in sections. Take a small portion of your hair and work on it slowly and carefully. Otherwise, you may end up running through the same strands several times, overheating the outer sides of the hair while the inside isn’t receiving not enough heat.

7.Always use a heat protectant

Since too much heat from these heat styling tools can damage your hair, you need to protect your hair against it. The best thing you can do is to apply a heat protectant whenever you are using any styling tool, such as a blow dryer, flat iron, etc. A heat protectant acts as a protective suit. It can be a lotion or spray. You apply it to your hair before you start using a heat styling tool. It will give your hair better resilience against heat damage that may be caused by heat styling tools. Most of these heat protectants have ingredients, such as argan oil, vitamins, and keratin proteins, meaning that they can nurture your hair and enhance its overall health.  

Final thoughts

Your hair is a crucial part of your body. So you need to protect it as much as you can. One of the top things you need to do is to protect your hair from heat styling tools. That’s because they can significantly damage your hair if not used the right way. Of course, you wouldn’t want that. That’s why you must take a lot of precautions when using them. The above-mentioned tips can help you use heat styling tools the right way and protect your hair.

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