How to style hair edges?


Hair edge, also called baby hair, is the inevitable part to style our hair. No matter what hairstyles you have, body wave, Jerry curly or Bob, hair edges can balance our face and bring us more fresh feelings. If you want to change your appearance by wigs, hair edges will give your hair more natural looking. Your own hair edge is shorter and thinner than the normal hair, generally. So, if you want to style the edge by using human hair wigs, you need to trim it to the proper length. As it sites on our hairline, where always soaked by skin oil or sweat, it is hard to style and lay it down for daylong. Troubled by these concerns, we all want to get the right answer.

So, how to style and lay down our edges to achieve the perfect effect with our hairstyles? Please read on. I am going to be showing you how to do baby hair as quick as possible.




Wet tissues


For long time keeping hair edges in place, cleanse your skin in the beginning should not be ignored. Water or alcohol are great to apply. But considered that alcohol may cause allergy, tissue wet by water is the best option. Oil-absorbing sheet is perfect for absorbing skin oil and friendly for your face.




Compared with glue, gels require very little effort to remove. Gels remain very high water content so that easier to smear. The right gel could keep the edge for a whole day and will not break because of sweat.


A Firm toothbrush


You're going to need a middle firm toothbrush. A harder toothbrush works better than soft ones. One tip that I need to give you is that too hard toothbrushes are not advisable because you don't want to start pulling out your edges. So hardness in the middle is okay. 


A thin scarf


Having a thin scarf with a proper size. A thick scarf squeeze the edge and provide a closed space to sweat generation. You do not like it as big as regular nighttime scarves, but a medium one you could tie to your head.


Apply the gel


Take about gel as big as your fingernails and just apply that around your hairline. Do not use the toothbrush to smear the gel at first. Smear the gel by your fingers to make sure everywhere along the hairline attach gels evenly. There is no neat way, and just lay edges down first.


Take your toothbrush


Then take the middle firm toothbrush to brush the edges and use your finger as a stencil basically.  You're using your hand as pretty as a stencil. So, after you sweep down one part hair edge, use your finger as a stencil, go to the next one. Because you're basically just creating waves, so comb the hair down and then sweep it and do that all the way down. Obviously, you'll get faster with more practice. And then go to the other side and do the same exact motion.

Use your finger to style the hairline


Use your finger to smooth the hair down and then just go horizontal. Create beautiful waves step by step. You could play with it and get it to where you want it to be. And correct your steps until you get it the way you want. You can repeat to do this step several times to fix edges on the place.


Make your sideburns


After finishing the hairline, the next step is to do your sideburns. Please take a little bit less gel size and do the same to apply it on your sideburns. Use your finger to smooth your hair down. You can consider your finger as a free edge for a stencil. If there's something you want to correct, just do it.


Take a scarf


While hair edges are still wet, put a scarf on. You don't want to look unnatural with the gel because you put the scarf too late so that the gel dry and turn whiteness. So take a scarf and tie it around your head. Bring it to the front of the head, making sure you tie it over the baby hair, so it could soak up any excess gel, as you don't want excess gel. Excessive gel will turn white and start flaking.

Keep your edges right and tight. Remember the trick: do not to leave the scarf on too long. If you leave the scarf on a too long time, your hair will stick to the scarf, and it'll create white flakiness. And if you leave the scarf on for not enough time, then you'll notice that your baby hair does not last throughout the day. So the happy medium is keeping your scarf on between like 30 and 45 seconds.


Pull your scarf down 


It is the time to bring the scarf down. I know you do not want anything to lift. Just pull your scarf down after covering for 40 seconds. Then your baby hair will last all day.


Before you are going to style the hair edge, make sure you already prepare all the thing I mentioned, especially the toothbrush. A right toothbrush help to achieve a perfect edge for daylong. And please keep in mind these six steps. Do not forget to take a scarf for security. I believe you can do it well.


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Questions & Answers

Q How do you do your own edges?
A 1. Slick and separate edges using a comb.
2. Swoop and create shapes using the natural boar bristles.
3. Define using the pointed tip for finishing details.
4. Use hairspray for an indefinite hold.


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