How To Revive A Matted Curly Wig


There is no doubt that curly lace front wigs are one of the most beautiful wigs on the market. These wigs will give you that elegant and sophisticated look you desire. But one of the main downsides of curly wigs is that they often tangle more than straight hair wigs. The curls, if not combed regularly, can lead to knots and tangles. A matted curly wig can be a nightmare for many wig wearers. But what is a curly wig to become matted, and how can you revive a matted wig? Keep reading this article as we discuss these and much more.

Why do your curly wigs matte?

1. Too much product build-up

In most cases, our curly wigs get stiff and matted because of too much product build-up. Many people usually make the mistake of adding more products to the wig to try ad revive it when they notice that it is matted. This can make the situation worse. It is advisable to wash the wig regularly to remove and cleanse the product build-up.

2. The kind of shampoo you are using

While it is advisable to use shampoo to wash your curly wig regularly, you must be careful with the shampoo you use on your wig. Certain ingredients, such as sulfate, can actually make your wig dry. So, it is advisable to use mild shampoos that are sulfate-free with low PH balances. Such a shampoo will not make your wig drier.

3. Hair quality

The quality of your curly wig also has a huge effect in making it matte. Poor-quality wigs, such as synthetic wigs, tend to matte more than high-quality human hair wigs. If you have a low-quality wig, it is advisable to wash it and maintain it properly. Let the wig dry completely once you wash it, and avoid wearing it more often.

4. Hair patterns

Certain hair patterns also tend to matte more than others. For instance, tight curl patterns like deep wave wigs are more susceptible to matting compared to straight wigs. Fortunately, there are curl-pattern-specific products that can help prevent your curly wigs from matting.

How to revive your matted curly wig

Now that you understand some of the causes of wig matting, let's see how you can revive your matted wig instead of getting rid of it.

1. Make your curly wig damp.

Spray some water on your curly wig, or briefly run it under a sink or shower with low water pressure to dampen it. While damp hair is ideal for applying most hair treatments, letting your hair get dripping wet could make it more prone to damage.

2. Loosen the wig

You can easily loosen the matted strands by soaking u part wig in a good detangler, oil, or hydrating conditioner—not just shampoo and water. This is not the time to go for shortcuts, so give it your all. Detangling conditioners are designed particularly to give your hair more slip, whereas deep conditioners are wonderful at replenishing moisture and making your hair simpler to detangle.

Instead, you can use coconut oil, olive oil, or Moroccan argan oil, which may be especially helpful for hair with texture. You can use a hair detangling spray if you don't like the way oil makes your curly wig feels.

Within just a few minutes, the regular conditioner will have finished nourishing your wig. For best results, coconut oil and similar oils should be used and let it rest on the wig for at least 30 minutes, but no more than 2 hours. Deep conditioners are normally left in for at least an hour, and in some situations, they may even be left in overnight, depending on the product directions.

3. Use your fingers to untie the simplest knots.

Try to carefully separate the knotted areas of your hair after the hair treatment has had time to take effect. From the root side of the knot, closer to your scalp, smaller, distinct tangles can occasionally be formed from loose mats or small knots.

4. Comb your wig

For severe tangles, a comb with strong, wide-tooth comb is required. Fine combs and brushes are likely to encounter too much resistance, causing you to either stop brushing or pull out clumps of hair.

Always begin combing tangled hair close to the ends. The end of the tangled hair should be a few inches (or several centimeters) away from the comb as you brush downward. Repeat this process until the hair in that area is free of tangles, and then raise the comb a little higher. Continue doing this until your entire head of hair has been combed. This could take an hour or longer for hair that is very matted and long or thick.

Hold a section of your deep wave wig as you brush it if your scalp is delicate. To prevent the comb from pulling directly on your scalp, hold a section of hair the size of a marker or glue stick between your fingers and give it a half-twist. When the hair below it has been successfully detangled, raise your grip and comb the area of hair underneath your hand.

If the matted hair doesn't separate despite your best efforts, you might need to thin it out. With one hand holding your hair tightly, open a pair of scissors. To remove any loose hairs, run the bottom of the scissors' blade along the mat's underside before giving your hair a gentle tug.

Till the tough mats and tangles have smoothed out, use a wide-tooth comb. Use a brush or a fine-tooth comb to remove any remaining minor knots.

Remember that there will be significant shedding and that we lose, on average, 100 hairs every day. Because the hair is matted, those shed hairs are trapped and need to be removed.

5. Rinse your wig

Once your wig is detangled, thoroughly rinse off any hair products. If your hair is severely matted and has become sufficiently split to allow you to portion it, clip each area to keep it apart and rinse it separately.

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