How To Remove Your Lace Front Wig Properly?


Among all types of wigs, the lace front wig is the most popular one. They are very natural. They are not only easy to install, but also easy to style. For people who want to change their hairstyle frequently, a lace front wig is very important. The lace front wig looks very much like your own hair when you wear it. You can use the lace front wig to create various hairstyles without damaging your own hair. And it is easy to wear and easy to remove. Maybe you’ve read a lot of articles about lace front wig. Most of the articles will teach you how to correctly wear a lace front wig, but how to correctly remove a lace front wig is also a very important thing. Removing the lace front wig correctly can protect the wig from damage. This article will tell you how to correctly remove a lace front wig.

1. Apply An Adhesive Removal Solution

One of the most typical ways to remove a lace front wig is to use an adhesive removal solution. There are many adhesive removal solutions available on the market. You can buy them online or in stores. The following is how to use the adhesive removal solution to remove a lace front wig.

Step 1: Comb the front hair to the back so that the hair is away from the face and the lace is exposed.

Step 2: Apply the adhesive removal solution around the lace to ensure that every area where the glue has been used is covered.

Step 3: After the glue is dissolved and the lace front wig has curled edges, you can gently lift the lace front wig with a mouse tail comb. During the process of lifting the front lace wig, your skin will not feel tingling or obvious pulling. If this happens, your adhesive removal solution is not applied enough. Be sure not to pull the lace front wig vigorously, which will not only damage your skin but also your lace front wig. You can apply more adhesive removal solution to dissolve the glue.

Step 4: Take off the wig and clean your skin and lace front wig.

2. Use Vaseline

Vaseline is generally used to treat dry skin. But there is more to it than that. When you dye your hair, you can smear Vaseline on your skin to protect it from being stained. You can also use Vaseline when removing the lace front wig. Vaseline is a very common thing. Almost all girls have a bottle of Vaseline, especially in winter. For those who want gentle removal, Vaseline is a better choice. Here are the steps to remove the lace front wig with Vaseline.

Step 1: Apply a large amount of Vaseline near the lace hairline where glue has been used. Let it stand for two minutes.

Step 2: Gently lift the lace and check whether the glue can completely fall off the skin. If the lace can’t fall off smoothly, you need to wait a few more minutes or apply more Vaseline.

Step 3: Clean the Vaseline on the skin with a wet towel, and then wash the lace front wig.

3. Use Conditioner

Using conditioner to remove the lace front wig is the cheapest way. Every girl will use conditioner when washing her hair, so you don’t need to buy it particularly. Conditioner is a good thing to keep hair moist, and it is also a good way to soften glue. Here are some steps to use conditioner to remove the lace front wig.

Step 1: Apply a large amount of conditioner on the forehead lace. Massage the conditioner onto the hairline and lace to ensure that the conditioner can penetrate into the place where the glue is applied. Allow to stand for a few minutes after application.

Step 2: Rinse conditioner with warm water.

Step 3: Gently lift the lace with your hands.

Step 4: Thoroughly wash your skin and lace front wig.

4. A Mixture Of Water With Salt And Baking Soda

As we all know, baking soda can help you remove stains very well during the general cleaning. Baking soda has more than one function. You can also use baking soda to dissolve the glue on the hairline. Here are the steps to remove the lace front wig with baking soda.

Step 1: Add appropriate baking soda and salt into the container, then add a small amount of warm water and stir them evenly to make a solution. Add enough warm water until the baking soda mixture can flow. Then put the mixture into a spray bottle.

Step 2: Spray the baking soda mixture on the hairline of the used glue to ensure that it can soak this area.

Step 3: Wrap your hair, including the hairline, with a bath cap. Let it stand for ten minutes.

Step 4: Take off the shower cap after ten minutes. Gently lift the lace.

Step 5: Clean your skin and the lace front wig.

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Questions & Answers

Q What is the best way how to remove lace front wig?
A The best way how to remove lace front wig will still be by using a product meant to break down the adhesive. It will give you instant results and lessen time consumption. However, if there are no available products, a baking soda mixture is the best method.
Q Why do I have to remove the lace front wig?
A It would be best to let your natural hair and scalp breathe once in a while. When you wear your wig, you will not be able to clean your head very well. Dirt and gunks will build up, irritating you and damaging your hair.
Q Can I rip the lace front wig off gently?
A Ripping off the lace front wig without treatment is not advisable. The lace is attached to your forehead via glue. Aside from, it will hurt you in the process; it might tear your skin and the lace of the wig.


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