How To Remove A Lace Front Wig Fast And Properly


Whether you are new to wigs or a seasoned wig wearer, you may find it time-consuming to remove a lace front wig. What’s more, it needs a lot of caution so that you don’t end up tearing the lace. Fortunately, removing a lace front wig doesn’t have to be time-consuming and difficult.  There are tips that can help you remove the wig pretty much faster and properly. But before we delve into the tips that can help you remove your lace front wig faster and properly, let’s discuss a bit of lace front wigs.

What is a lace front wig?

Lace front wigs are the most popular types of wigs available in the market. These types of wigs have lace that is 13 inches across, covering ear to ear along the hairline and 4 inches to the back. Lace front wigs come in bonded or sew-on installation. Many ladies prefer these types of wigs because they give a more natural look. What’s more, they are pretty much flexible, thereby making it easier to try a number of hairstyles, such as ponytails, middle parts, and side parts. In addition, these wigs are perfect for ladies suffering from hair thinning or hair loss. While these wigs are quite expensive, they are worth your money because of the incredible benefits they offer.

Another main upside of lace front wigs is that removing them can be very tricky, especially for newbies. That’s because of the lace plus the fact that they are installed using glue. This means that it can take time if you lack the experience to uninstall them.  But as already mentioned, there are ways you can remove lace front wigs faster and properly. Let’s explore these tips.

1. Have everything you need in place

You need to start by preparing everything you need to remove your lace front wig. Here are the things you need:

-Rubbing alcohol

-Glue remover

-Spray bottle with water and conditioner to loosen the lace

-Rattail comb

-Alligator clips

-Rubbing alcohol

-Wig shampoo and conditioner

2. Comb your hair toward the back

Once you have collected all the products and tools to remove your lace front wig, you need to start the process of removing the wig. Start by sweeping all of your hair from your hairline. That can be done by combing your wig toward the back to unveil the lace along your hairline. The entire lace must be visible. Then spray the hair with water to make it easier to manipulate, and then secure the cheap human hair wig with alligator clips.

3. Loosen the glue or the adhesive

It is time to loosen the lace around your hairline. There are plenty of ways you can do that. The easiest and quickest way to loosen the glue from your skin is to apply water, conditioner, alcohol, or a wig glue remover around where the lace is. The amount of glue you will use depends on how secure the lace is and how strong the glue is. The rule of the thumb is to use just enough glue that can saturate evenly on areas with glue. After applying the glue remover, you need to let it rest on your lace for around two minutes.

4. Peel off the lace

It is now time to remove the lace. This is a crucial part of wig removal that requires you to be very careful. Before you even start peeling off the lace, you must ensure that the adhesive or glue is loose enough. You can confirm that by pulling up the front area of your wig gently to see if the lace is coming out effortlessly.

If the lace is coming out without much struggle, you need to take the straight end of your rattail comb and stick it beneath the lace where it has started to lift. Once you have done that, slide the comb back and forth to remove the lace from your skin. Remember that you shouldn’t pull off the lace forcefully from your skin, this can make the lace tear, pull out your hair, or injure your skin.

5. Remove your wig cap

Next, you need to remove your wig cap. This is quite easy, unless you used glue or adhesive to secure the wig cap. If you used adhesives, spray it down with water, massage the water in with your fingers, then wait for a few seconds. You can then remove the wig cap gently using your fingers. Wig caps are typically designed to be used just once. The best you can do is to throw it away once you finish removing it.

6. Clean your skin and hair off the glue

Once you have removed your lace front wig and wig cap, you may see few traces of glue left on your skin or even your hair. It is best to clean. You can use soap and water to loosen up the glue residue and wipe with a damp washcloth

7. Remove glue residue from your lace front wig

Once you have removed glue residue from your skin and hair, it is time to do the same to your lace front wig. You can pick the glue residue away with your fingers or wipe the excess glue from the lace with a damp cloth. Be as gentle as possible so that you don’t end up tearing the lace. You can also dip a cotton ball in alcohol and dab the lace until softens, then you can wait for a few seconds before you start removing the glue residue.

8.Wash your wig thoroughly

Once you have removed all traces of glue residue from your affordable human hair wig, it is time to wash it. When washing your wig, use shampoo and conditioner that are specifically made for wigs. Use lukewarm water as well. Let your wig dry completely before you store it properly by hanging it on a wig hanger or mannequin head.

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Q Why Should I Choose U Part Wigs?
A The U part wig has many advantages and I would like to summarize it in four areas: First, creating a natural look. Unlike lace wigs that achieve a natural look through a transparent lace covering, this wig makes the wig appear very realistic and natural by blending the wig with your natural hair. Second, protects your hair and scalp. the U-shaped wig has U-shaped holes that allow your hair and scalp to breathe more because it is not subjected to the stress of a traditional sewn-in weave. Third, it promotes hair growth. A U-part wig is essential in your transition from wig to natural hair. You can remove it at night to give your hair a chance to grow and breathe. Finally, protect your skin. U-part wigs don't require glue and stitches, which is a lifesaver for girls with sensitive skin. Also, these clip-in wigs won't harm your real hair and prevent hair loss.


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