How To Put On A V Part Wig


If you are looking for a wig that doesn’t require you to use glue to install and allows you to wear your natural hair, look no further than a v part wig. V part wigs are one of the best wigs in the market today. They will give you that natural look you are yearning for, and what’s more, they are pretty easy to install compared to lace wigs. This is one of the features that make these wigs suitable for beginners.

If you have never tried a v part wig, you are probably wondering if it is worth your money. Well, the truth is that this type of wig is worth every cent because of its amazing features.

In this article, we discuss some of the crucial things you need to know about v part wigs. We discuss:

1.What is a v part wig?

2.Advantages of a v part wig

3.How to wear a v part wig

Let’s get started!

What is a v part wig?

A V part wig is a type of wig that has an opening at the top of the wig that is v-shaped. The opening is typically left for your natural hair to pass through. This feature makes the v part wig give a more natural look because it allows you to wear your own hair.

What’s more, the wig doesn’t require glue to install, making it a great option for ladies who are allergic to glue. It also doesn’t have lace, making it easy to wear. Now that you have understood what a v part wig is, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of the wig that makes it an ideal wig.

Advantages of a v part wig

Here are some of the top advantages of a v part wig:

Gives a more natural look

One of the top benefits of the v part wig is it offers a more natural look to the wearers. The wig doesn’t have bulkiness or unnatural bumps like most wigs since the weft is so flat and thin that it won’t be easy to detect. Besides, this wig allows you to wear your own natural hairline, so you are guaranteed natural look when you wear this type of wig. If you are out there looking for a wig that allows you to wear your own hair, we would recommend that you pick a v part wig.

Flexible hairstyles

Are you the type of person who doesn’t like staying with a particular hairstyle for a long time? Well, you need to look for a wig that offers flexible hairstyles. This is where a v part wig comes in. A v part wig allows you to wear your own scalp with no leave out. You can make a side part or middle part. It all depends on your needs. In addition to that, you can add accessories of your choice, such as headbands, clips, etc.

Breathable and comfortable

The most important factors you need to consider when buying any type of wig are breathability and comfort. A wig that has strong breathability will make it comfortable to wear. It allows your scalp to breathe, so you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in it.

V part wigs are among the most comfortable and breathable wigs in the market. Since they have an opening at the top of the wig, this allows your scalp to breathe. Additionally, since the wig has no lace, this makes it pretty lightweight, so you can wear it the whole day without feeling any kind of discomfort.

It doesn’t require glue to install

If you are allergic to glue or you have sensitive skin, you want to make sure that you only buy a wig that doesn’t require glue to install. A v part wig is such kind of wig. You don’t need glue to install it, making it an ideal choice of a wig for you.

1.The wig is affordable

With these hard economic times, the last thing you want is to spend a significant amount of money on hair products such as wigs. That’s why you need to find cheap wigs. Compared to lace wigs, v part wigs are more affordable. They are also a one-time investment that will give you a higher value for your money, especially if you take good care of them. You can also pay for the v part wig using wigs afterpay service.

2.How to wear a v part wig

The part which you have been waiting for is finally here- how to wear a v part wig. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you wear your v part wig.

3.Measure you head

First things first, you need to place the v part wig over your head. This is to help you know how much hair you need to part for a sleek look.

4.Part your hair

The next step is to part your hair. Part your hair to your own crown to match the v part wig shape. You can use a rattail comb to do that. In addition to that, make sure that you also part an inch-wide section from your natural hair to the ear. Clip the hair out of the way. You will use the hair when it is time to style your hair.

Braid your hair

Now that you have created your hair part, it is time to get the rest of your hair as flat as possible. You can do that by braiding it into cornrows. If your hair is short, you can smooth it with a bit of hair gel to keep the strands in place.

5.Wig it out

Holding your v part wig at both sides with your hands, place it over your head, and split the clips in place to conceal your braids. There must be clips along the perimeter of your v part wig to ensure a perfect fit. The wig should be as flat on your head as possible with your hair part clipped in place.

6.Adjust the wig

As already mentioned, v part wigs usually come with adjustable straps and clips to help you adjust the wig until it fits securely. If you find that the wig is not fitting well and you need to adjust it, just place the strap over your head to secure your v part wig. This will help prevent the wig from sliding on your head.

7.Conceal the hair extensions  

Your v part wig is almost done. Now that your wig fits securely, you need to conceal the hair extensions. Release the hair part you had left earlier along the sides of your head’s crown. Comb through with a wide-tooth comb, and you are done. You can add a bit of hair spray for that beautiful and sleek look.


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