How to Prolong Wig's Lifespan


Wigs are a great way to change up your style and protect your natural hair from heat damage. Everything has a finite lifespan, and the same goes for wigs. Whether you're new to wigs or have been wearing wigs for a while, knowing how long a wig will last can give you clearer guidance when considering investing in a new wig.

wig lifespan, human hair wig

But the truth is, there is no exact length of time for any wig to be used. There are many factors that affect the life of a wig. So in this article, we're going to list all the factors that can affect the lifespan of your human hair wig, and how to extend the life of your wig.


1. How Long Do Human Hair Wigs Last?

Generally speaking, a human hair wig can last more than a year with proper care and regular maintenance. Whether it's a front wig or a 360 wig. A wig made from real hair has the same characteristics as your hair. Treat your lace front wig the right way and it will last longer. The following are factors that may affect the length of time a wig will last. Generally speaking, a human hair wig can last more than a year with proper care and regular maintenance. Whether it's a front wig or a 360 wig. A wig made from real hair has the same characteristics as your hair. Treat your lace front wig the right way and it will last longer. The following are factors that may affect the length of time a wig will last.

 wig lifespan, human hair wig

Hair Quality

The quality of the wig is the main factor that determines the lifespan of your human hair wig. Good quality human hair wigs are more durable than lower quality human hair wigs. A high-quality human hair wig always has a healthy texture and natural shine, free of shedding and knots. The wig structure is stable and not easy to be damaged. Where to buy high quality wigs? Hurela will give you the answer.


Human hair wigs need to be treated as gently as possible because they are as delicate as your own hair. Proper care will ensure that the wig will last as long as possible. If you wash your wig the wrong way and don't provide enough nutrients for your hair needs, your wig can become dry and damaged. Be gentle and patient with your wig at all times.


The length and frequency of wearing a wig are key factors affecting the service life of a wig. If you wear your human hair wig every day, it will wear out faster than a wig you don't wear very often, it's obvious. If you wear your wig every day, a good quality wig will last a year with proper care. However, wigs that are used infrequently (for instance, once worn each week) can last longer than two years.


When it comes to styling wigs, most of us may choose to use a straightening iron or curling iron to change our hairstyle, as human hair wigs can be restyled just like natural hair. However, styling heating tools do have a big impact on wig life. If you use heated tools too often and don't apply heat protectant before styling, your hair can be easily damaged and shorten its lifespan.


2.How To Make A Human Hair Wig Last Longer?

2.1 Use wig products

The use of the product makes the wig much easier to wear. It also means that whether you choose a synthetic or human hair wig, you can style your wig to look like your natural hair.

Unfortunately, standard hair care products are not suitable for wigs. They contain ingredients that do little to hydrate and protect the wig fibers, and can even damage your wig beyond repair; this can make it unwearable for a short period of time.

If you want to make your wig more durable and beautiful, buy high-quality products designed for wigs and use them sparingly. Wearing too many wigs can lead to product buildup and greasiness, reducing longevity.

2.2 Dont overwashing your wig

Washing your wig with the right product is the key to keeping your wig fibers in the best condition possible. Be aware, however, that over-washing your wig can have the opposite effect. Don't wash your wig every time you wear it. You need to determine the number of times to wash the wig according to your own situation. You may need to wash your wig more frequently if you wear it for physical exercise, use product styling, or expose your wig to strong odors.

wig lifespan, human hair wig

2.3 Don’t rub your wig when washing

You can't treat your wig like natural hair, so be sure to adjust the washing process to your wig type, style, and structure. When using shampoo or conditioner, it is most important to soak the wig in the product, not rub or massage.

Rubbing and massaging can cause friction, which can lead to fiber loss, friction and knots. We recommend adding a mixture of shampoo and water to the sink, soaking your wig in this solution for a few minutes, then combing and rinsing thoroughly.

After washing, comb the wig with a professional curling brush before air-drying.

2.4 Dont overuse heating tools

While wigs are so versatile these days that even many synthetic styles can be heat treated, don’t use heated tools like hair dryers, curling irons, and straighteners, which can definitely shorten the life of your wig.

Heat may make your wig and styling more manageable in the short term, but in the long term, hair will be damaged, brittle and dull, and it won't repair like your natural hair!

heating tools, wig lifespan, human hair wig

2.5 Take care when not wearing your wig

When a wig isn't on your head, how you treat it is just as important. Try not to sleep, bathe, or swim while wearing a wig. Instead, place your wig upright on a stand in a cool, dark room.

wig lifespan, human hair wig


In conclusion, the longevity of a wig depends largely on the material of the hair. Buying a human hair wig that is 100% made from human hair is the best option. Hurela Hair offers wigs in different textures, colors and lengths. We have got you covered with human hair lace front wig, u/v part wig, and colored wig, to meet all your demand. With the right care, it can last for over a year and you can get the most natural looking human hair wig possible. In the long run, it's worth more than a synthetic wig.

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