How To Make Wigs Look Natural


There are many reasons why people choose to wear wigs. Some people wear wigs to change their style, while others wear wigs to cover them. The biggest significance of wearing a wig is to make you feel confident and beautiful when your wig looks like natural hair. You can easily find wigs of various styles, colors and textures, but it is difficult to make some wigs look like your natural hair. Fortunately, this is not an impossible thing. You only need to spend extra time and know about some skills to make your wig look very natural. The wigs are adjustable, so you can change the wig according to your face or head shape to make it more suitable for you. If you don’t know how to make your wig look natural, read on. Here are some tips on how to make a wig more natural.

1. Buy A Wig That Fits Your Head

Whether buying clothes or shoes, you need to know your size before you choose the clothes and shoes that suit you. The same is true when buying wigs. The first step in buying a wig is to measure your head. Measuring your head size may take a little time, but it’s worth it. If the wig you buy is too large or too small, it will not only look very unnatural, but also easily fall off. So you need to measure your head circumference, the distance from the front to the back of your head, and the distance from your left ear to your right ear. Remember the size of these parts and choose the wig that suits you according to the measured size.

2. Pluck Your Wig

Pluck your wig is the most critical step to make it natural. Generally, the hairline of the wig is straight. If the hairline is too forward or the hair in the hairline is too dense, the wig will look very unnatural. To solve this problem, you can use tweezers to pluck some hair to imitate your natural hairline. When plucking a wig, be sure to note that the density of the wig should be similar to your original hairline density. Wigs cannot be plucked too much or too little. After the hair is properly plucked, your wig will look like it has grown out of your scalp

3. Cut The Lace

Trimming lace is a simple step to make wigs look natural. The lace wig has lace covering the forehead, so you can easily place and fix the wig. Before fixing the wig, cut off the excess lace, so that the wig looks like your own hairline. After wearing the wig, clip your hair back and away from your forehead so that you can clearly see your hairline. Adjust the wig to your hairline until it is in the position you want to fix. Make the first cut in the middle of the forehead, toward the hairline. When you trim along the hairline, be sure not to trim straight. Try to follow the curve of your natural hairline. Trim it bit by bit until you get the effect you want.

4. Apply Concealer Near Your Hairline

Use a concealer that is similar to your skin tone, and gently apply Concealer along the hairline. You can use a brush or your fingers to gently smear or pat Concealer on the lace, which will make your hairline look more natural. Concealer will mix the lace with your skin color, hide the rough edges of the wig, and make the wig look more natural. This step is also very simple. You just need to cut off the excess lace along the hairline. Then use a makeup brush to remove some Concealer cream and apply it directly on the lace until the hairline of the wig looks natural.

5. Choose Human Hair Wigs

If you want a natural wig, try to choose a human hair wig when choosing a wig. It is well known that human hair wigs are slightly more expensive than synthetic wigs. But human hair wigs are worth the price. Human hair wigs are made of 100% human hair. So human hair wigs are more natural than synthetic wigs in appearance and texture. Synthetic wigs are made of artificial fibers. There will be an unnatural luster. It takes a lot of time to make synthetic wigs natural.

6. Baby Hair

After the wig is worn, cut a small strand of hair from the front part of the wig and make some baby hair. This will also make the hairline look more natural. You can separate a little hair from the hairline and cut it short. Brush your hair into a circle shape. Apply the styling gel to the baby hair to smooth the hair and also set the hair. Finally, use a satin scarf to fix the baby hair. Wait for a few minutes, then you will get a natural hairline.

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