How To Maintain Your Hair Underneath A Wig


Many girls are becoming more and more fond of wearing wigs. Wigs not only allow you to change styles, they’re also a way to protect your native hair. We love to wear wigs to look beautiful, but don’t forget to take care of your hair underneath the wig while you’re doing it. Ignoring your own hair is a very bad thing, and it can have serious consequences. Many people wear wigs to cover up baldness, but neglecting your own hair will only make your hair go bald, possibly to the point of no return. Those who neglect their hair under a wig can find their hair fragile, with lots of breakage, shedding and stunted hair growth. Whether you plan to wear a wig for just a week at a time or for a few months at a time, here are some tips to help you maintain your hair underneath a wig.

1. Regularly Wash And Moisturize Your Hair

One of the key point to maintain healthy hair is to keep it clean. Even if you wear a clean wig every day, make sure you wash your own hair every week. Your hair is covered in a wig. Other people may not see what’s happening to your hair, but you can feel it. Keeping your hair clean will make you feel comfortable. It doesn’t look awkward when you wear a wig. Your scalp accumulates sweat and dust after a day of activity. If you don’t wash your hair for a long time, it will affect the health of your hair. So you should make sure your own hair is clean before you put on a wig.

2. Wear A Wig Cap

A wig cap is a great way to protect your natural hair. Wig caps act as a protective barrier between the wig and the hair, and they are ideal for holding the hair under the wig. They are a cheap and effective way to protect your natural hair. On the one hand, the wig cap can isolate the scalp secreted grease on the wig pollution, reduce the number of wig cleaning and prolong the life of the wig. On the other hand, the wig cap can also prevent dust from contaminating your original hair, which can help you keep your original hair clean. So it’s best to put on a wig cap before putting on a wig.

3. Don’t Forget Scalp Care

It’s not enough to just focus on the hair. Scalp care also needs special attention. The scalp is the source of hair, and a healthy scalp produces healthy hair. The biggest problem with the scalp is dryness and the accumulation of various chemicals on the scalp, making it itchy. Making sure to clean regularly is an important part of scalp care, but make sure not to wash your hair too frequently, as it can lead to excessive dryness or increased oiliness because your body will try to overcompensate for the lack of moisture. After washing your hair, apply a mild moisturizer to your scalp to ensure a healthy scalp.

4. Styling Your Hair Under A Wig

Many people neglect to style your hair under a wig. Some people think that when wearing a wig, the original hair is covered, so there is no need to style the original hair. This is wrong. Styling your hair is not just for beauty, but also a way to protect your hair. On the one hand, braiding your hair before wearing it can make your wig look more natural. Braided hair, on the other hand, is neat and has less friction on the hair, which is very protective. It’s a good idea to braid or pin your original hair before wearing a wig. Don’t let your hair get tangled up.

5. Don’t Sleep With Wigs

Take off your wig when you go to sleep. That’s because when you get home from a hard day, your scalp also has been working all day. During the day, the scalp is not able to breathe freely because of the wig covering it. You can’t take your wig off during the day, but you can take it off at night to give your hair and scalp a chance to breathe during the night.

6. Trim Your Hair Regularly

Even if you wear a wig every day, don’t forget to trim your own hair regularly. If you have split ends, it’s a sign that your hair has been damaged. Regular cutting off split ends and damaged hair is a still important point and will keep your hair in a healthy state of growth. Trimming your hair keeps it healthy and promotes the growth of your hair. In general, hair should be trimmed every six to eight weeks. So it is important to trim your hair regularly.

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Questions & Answers

Q How Should I Maintain My Wig?
A Wig maintenance exists in all aspects of life, here are 8 simple tips.
First, don't wash your wig too often. This will shorten the life of your wig. Second, follow proper wig cleaning techniques. You must wash your wig according to its instructions and not as you would normally wash your hair. Third, wash your wig with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Sulfates can damage the hair cuticle, causing dryness and breakage. Fourth, don't use styling creams or hair sprays. This will leave a residue on your hair which is not conducive to cleaning. Fifth, avoid heat. High temperatures can melt your hair. Sixth, comb gently. When you comb the wig, comb it from the end upwards, this will reduce hair loss. Seventh, don't sleep with your wig on. This will flatten your hair style. Eighth, when not using a wig, make sure it is properly stored.
Q How often should you wash your hair under a wig?
A We recommend initially washing your hair every 10 days and adjusting accordingly depending on how you find this and if it affects your life. For instance, if you exercise a lot and sweat a lot, you might find you need to wash your hair more regularly. Make sure to also focus suitable products on your scalp.
Q How do you keep natural hair moisturized under a wig?
A Add moisture often: Typically, the hair is braided before putting on a wig. To keep those braids from drying out, spray a leave-in conditioner a few times a week.


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