How to Grow Back Your Edges: 5 Tips to Treat a Thinning Hairline


Have you noticed your hairline beginning to thin? Dealing with any form of hair loss or thinning is beyond frustrating and annoying. There are many reasons for hair loss on your hairline. I know you're hoping for a straightforward answer, but the reality is a bit more complicated than that. There are quite a few factors that can cause a female hairline to lose. We know for sure that genetics, overall health, hormones, diet, medications, and styling habits all play a role. Here we will analyze the main causes of your receding hairline and provide effective solutions to help you get rid of it.


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1. What causes hair loss on your hairline?

Understanding the causes of thinning hair is crucial if you want to regrow your hairline. It turns out that there are many factors that can lead to thin edges, and the good news is that most of them are preventable. Listed below are four reasons why hair loss shows up on the hairline, but there can be other causes of hair loss along the hairline which are not mentioned here.


1.1 Hairstyles that cause tension on the scalp.

You may think breakage is the main reason that leads to thinning hairline, actually stress is the true reason that can disrupt the natural hair cycle and cause hair to stop growing. Stress or pressure on your scalp can probably be from your daily hairstyles. Tight braids, extensions, high ponytails, or locks are some examples. Hairstyles that over-tighten the scalp can cause the hair follicles to become inflamed. Over time, too much pulling not only removes the hair but also can damage the hair follicle, leading to permanent hair loss, also known as traction alopecia. Once the follicle is damaged, the hair cannot grow back. Obviously, stress can affect the hairline. 


thinning hairline, edges, wigs, hair loss

1.2 Using the wrong hair care products.

Hair care products and hairdressing tools. If you're used to styling your hair with harsh alcohol-based hairsprays, this can also be the cause of hair damage and breakage. Aside from the gel itself, the applicator tool you're using probably won't help either. Rough plastic bristles can severely rip through already damaged coils. If you're used to trimming the edges of your hairline, use a more moisturizing styling product.


1.3 Use too many heat tools. 

Excessive use of heating tools can dry out wig hair and eventually cause your hair to break and lose. Heating tools such as hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and hot rollers will give your hair too much heat than it can stand. High temperatures strip hair of its natural moisture, especially if the iron and roller are in direct contact with dry hair. The use of overheated tools may directly or indirectly cause your hairline to become thinner.


thinning hairline, edges, wigs, hair loss

1.4 Infection of the scalp.

You may fail to wash your hair regularly for a variety of reasons or go to bed with wet hair., which is extremely unhealthy and uncomfortable. Because the moisture coupled with your body heat, oils, and dead skin cells can provide the perfect condition for mildew and germs and excessive bacterial growth which is bad for your health and the growth of your hair.


2. How To Grow Your Edges Back

2.1 Protect your hairline while wearing a wig.

Wearing a wig can help protect your hair from over-manipulation, or allow you to style your hair differently without compromising the health of your natural hair.

But if you're wearing a wig that's too small, or you've pulled the wig's adjustable straps too tight, the wig can cause a thinning hairline. So be sure to wear a wig that fits your head size. You can measure your head circumference, or customize the wig so that your wig fits perfectly.

It is also important to rest while wearing a wig to protect the hairline under the wig. You can wear a wig every other week. Alternate between your own hair and a wig.


2.2 Wash Hair Regularly

The key to maintaining healthy hair is keeping it clean. But don't overwash. The number of times you wash your hair depends on your lifestyle and how sweaty or hot your scalp is throughout the day. Even if you wear a wig every day, make sure your hair is washed at least once a week.


wash hair, wigs, thinning edges, hairline receding

2.3 Eat A Balanced Diet

It is crucial to have a balanced eating diet. A balanced diet can help your natural hair remain strong and shiny and protect your real hair from loss. A balanced diet can provide you with a fair amount of certain nutritional elements your natural hair needs. This requires long-term persistence. But if you need to remedy your hairline in time, supplements may be helpful.


2.4 Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

Hair care never stops, even when you are sleeping. When you go to bed, you also need to prepare a silk pillowcase, or wear a silk bonnet or scarf to bed, keeping your natural hair moisturized and protecting your natural hair from extra damage and friction. It is one of the simplest ways to keep your natural hair in good condition.


pillowcase,wig, hairline thinning, edges

2.5 Massage Your Scalp

Massaging your scalp can help relieve any restricted blood flow. Scalp massage can promote healthy blood flow and will encourage your natural hair to grow. We suggest performing a scalp massage from time to time. Hair oils or hair butter will be a great helper to protect your delicate baby hair. Castor oil is said to moisturize the dry scalp and increase blood circulation and encourage new hair growth and strengthen the roots. Apply a little oil to your fingertips and massage into your entire scalp area for five minutes.


The steps to growing the edges are not quick, so be patient. Maintaining high moisture levels, minimizing breakage, proper protective styling, and keeping your hair ends trimmed will all help keep your hair edges strong and long. Good luck!


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