How to Find Your Best Wig Color?


Now human hair wigs are becoming more and more popular. Some people wear wigs to cover their baldness, while others wear wigs to change their style. People who want to change their style through wigs will constantly try new wig hairstyles and wig colors. For people who want to change their hair color, it is not easy to choose a suitable wig color. But whether you want a natural or bold look, you can find a wig color that suits you. When the perfect hair color matches you, it will make your wig look great. If you want to try a new wig color but don’t know how to find it, then read on. This article will help you find the right wig color.

The Color Of Your Skin Tone:

The most important thing in choosing a new hair color is to consider your skin color. If the color of the wig does not match your skin color, it will be a very bad thing. Many people use dark and light colors to describe skin color, but there is more than one classification of skin color. I believe you have heard that skin can also be divided into cool, warm and neutral colors. All colors of skin can have these three tones. Firstly, you should find out which tone your skin color belongs to.

How to Find Out Your Skin’s Undertone?

Here are some tips for judging which skin tone you belong to.

1. Watch Your Wrist

Watch the color of your veins carefully. If your veins look purple or blue, your skin tone is cool. If your veins look green, your skin is warm tone. If you are not sure what color your veins are, you may be neutral skin tone.

2. Observe Your Skin

Find a well lit place and look at your skin carefully in the mirror. It is better to observe the skin in natural light. People with warm skin tone have a yellow background. People with cool skin tone have a pink or blue background. If your skin has no obvious yellow, pink or blue tone, then your skin is neutral tone.

3. Wear Jewelry

You can take out some of your jewelry and stick your jewelry on your skin. If silver is more beautiful on your skin, then you are the skin of cool tone. If gold is more beautiful on your skin, then you are the skin of warm tone. If you look the same beautiful whether you wear gold or silver, then you are a neutral skin tone.

After finding out your skin tone, you can choose your hair color according to your skin tone.

For people with cool skin, light hair is good for them. Such as gold, gray, or beige. These tones neutralize the color of the skin. It is also a very good idea to use these colors to make a highlight hair color.

For people with warm skin, brown hair color is more suitable for them. Such as mocha, honey brown or amber. People with warm colors are not suitable for cool hair colors, such as blue, purple or platinum. These colors will make you look bad, so try to avoid cold colors when choosing hair colors.

For people with neutral skin tone, they are suitable for various colors. Their skin has no obvious hue, so their skin can blend with wigs of various colors.

The Color Of Your Eyes And Eyebrows:

Like skin color, the colors of eyes and eyebrows are also major factors that people need to consider when choosing the color of wigs.

For those with light eyes, orange brown and black hair is usually suitable, while dark brown eyes are suitable for blond hair. Green and blue eyes are more prominent when paired with brown hair with a red background. To achieve the best results, it is necessary to study the wig color that matches your eyes and skin tone.

The color of eyebrows is a factor that is easy to be ignored, but it is also an important point. Imagine that if you have blond hair, but your eyebrows are black, this must be a less wonderful match. So when choosing hair color, you should also consider the color of eyebrows. Or you can dye your eyebrows to a color similar to the hair color you choose.

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Questions & Answers

Q How to take care of blonde hair
A 1. Keep it hydrated
2. Protect it from heat
3. Keep it out of the sun
4. Make your color last
5. Finish your hair wash with cold water
6. Read the labels and avoid sulfates
7. Don't skip conditioning and deep conditioning your hair
8. Be careful with oils
9. Pick the right dry shampoo
10. Invest in a shower head filter
Q How long is a wig supposed to stay on?
A Six Weeks. Don't Wear Your Wig for More Than Six Weeks at a Time. While experts generally agree that you should take a break after six weeks, don't hesitate to remove it sooner.


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