How To Detangle A Wig


Hello,when your busy day is over.When I returned home,I took off the wig I had left for the day,and put it on the wig stand for the next day. Then you will see it,a huge mess of chaos,it's just a mess.So today I can tell you some ways to deal with this trouble.And tell you how to  detangle a wig

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Human Hair Wigs  are tangled like real hair.In fact,due to the lack of natural oils in the scalp,wigs tend to be more tangled.These oils can be used as natural conditioners to prevent nodules and tangles in the hair.

Obviously, it is not foolproof,as everyone can attest, but these oils do help.Maintaining wigs is essential for long-term storage.Because of proper wigs, you can live longer.We want to help you protect your investment.Tangles can hurt and ruin your wig,but proper care will make it last a long time.

Some wig wearers find that they can make their wigs last for years.

1.First of all,don't overwash your wig.You want to shampoo and condition your wig.

If you wear a wig often,it actually only needs to be washed once a week. As we often talk about,you need a wig holder.This is an incredible wig styling accessory.The style of putting the fake on the wig holder can maintain the style of the wig and reduce the tangles,which is a pretty good method.You may need to comb your wig after washing your clothes or just wearing it for one day.Be gentler than your own hair.Because wigs are more fragile than your own hair.Just like your own hair when you are tangled,you need to start the tangling from the end.

2.Entangling in this way reduces breakage,helps prevent tangles,and helps keep hair healthy and easy to handle.

When using artificial wigs and artificial wigs,remember to always start tangling at the end of the hair.If you wear wigs a lot,you probably already know where most tangles live.The neck pillow on the neck is where the hair is most tangled and intertwined.The easiest way to prevent this matting is to comb the wig area behind the neck with your fingers all day long.

STEP 1. Mount your wig.

Place your wig on your wig head. If possible,mount the wig head onto a camera tri-pod (or another tall object to make it easy for you to work on it.This is especially helpful if the wig you are combing is very long.

STEP 2. Prepare your conditioner.

Fill your spray bottle about ¾ of the way full with water.Then add conditioner to fill the bottle the rest of the way. You are aiming for roughly 3 parts water to 1 part conditioner. Shake the mixture well. You may also choose to use a leave-in conditioner, or a product designed specifically for untangling wigs.These products do not need to be diluted in water. On synthetic wigs, you can also try using fabric softener. Just like with conditioner,use 1 part fabric softener to3 parts water.

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STEP 3. Soak your wig.

If your wig is really mangled, you may want to give it a warm water soak.To do this, fill a sink with warm water.Remove your wig from the wig head (if using), and leave it to soak in the water for 10-15 minutes.Carefully wring the excess water from your wig and return it to your wig head. If the wig is very dirty, you can add a squirt of shampoo to the water.If you do this,be sure to rinse the wig with clean water before you begin combing.

STEP 4. Saturate the tips of your wig.

Take out your spray bottle, and squirt conditioner-water onto the bottom tips of your wig,until the bottom 3-5 inches of the wig is fully saturated. If the conditioner begins to separate from the water, give the bottle a shake.

STEP 5. Comb out the bangs and style the wig.

If your wig has bangs,use a fine-tooth comb to untangle these,and position them the way that you want them. With the wig wet,carefully position the hair into the overall style you desire.

STEP 6. Let your wig dry for several hours,combing every 30 minutes.

Leave your wig on the wig head and give it some time to dry. Every 30 minutes,give the wig a gentle comb-through.In 2-3 hours, your wig should be completely dry.

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