How To Cut A Wig?


You have received your new wig, then put it on only to find out that it does not quite look like it did in the picture? Or you desire to have a new different look on an old wig. There are always some ways to solve your problems. Whatever the reason, you are probably wondering how to cut a wig. Read on we will help you learn why you should cut your wig and how to cut your wig to get a perfect wig.


Can I Cut A Wig?

The answer is YES! You can cut your wig. There are a couple of reasons why you should cut your wig.

Remove damage: When you wear your wig, there are always splits in the ends of your wig. You should simply trim your wig to make it look new and smooth again. 

Shorten bangs: The length of your original wig will be too long for your face or your new look, so you need to trim a little bit to make it perfect.

Create a new look: Cut your wig will give you a new look. Also, it allows you to do a different style that perfectly compliments your face shape. 


How To Cut A Wig?

Have you ever cut your wig? How did it turn out? Many wigs wearers often find they love the style of their human hair wigs, but could just do with trimming a bit of length on the fringe. 



Place your fingers slightly below where you want the hair to end. Make up-down motions with your arm. Open the scissors when you go “up”. Gradually close the scissors as you go “down”. The wider the strokes, the wispier the result. Invest in decent scissors for the best result. Snip the very bottom to clean it up and even it out. 

wispy, cut wig


 Choppy blunt

Snip fibers at a 45°angle under your fingers. Be careful not to cut yourself. Cut upwards to even the ends out. 

choppy blunt, cut wig



Cut in an up-down motion just like a wispy cut. Except make your strokes smaller. Cut upwards even the ends out. 

fringe, cut wig


 Clean blunt

Cut in a side-to-side motion. Open your scissors every time you push into the fibers. Gradually close your scissors when you move away from the fibers. 

clean blunt, cut wig


Wig Cutting Tips

Tip 1: To cut your wig, you need to prepare the tools first. Even if you are not a professional hair stylist, using higher quality and the right tools will make a big difference. You need sharp scissors, clips, bobby pins, a rat tail comb, a wide-tooth comb, and hairspray. 

Tip 2: Wash and comb the hair first. You want to start with clean hair before cutting. At the same time, using a wig comb brush your tangled hair to make sure of a smooth trim.

Tip 3: Keep the hair wet if cutting with scissors and razor. It is more precise to cut on wet hair because you can see how the hair naturally falls. But if you have a curly or wavy wig, you probably don’t do this because wet hair makes it difficult for you to see the hair length when the wig is dry. 

Tip 4: Prepare a wig head or stand if you have one, which will make the whole process easier. Put the wig on a wig stand or wig head while cutting the back. Put the wig on your head if you cut the front hair, which will help frame your face perfectly.

Tip 5: Also, you should prepare a spray with water nearby so that you can dampen the hair if it begins to dry when you doing the cut.

Tip 6: Don’t rush. Rushing through the cutting process increases the probability of mistakes. Follow the style instructions of your favorite hairstyle. Proceed slowly. Once you cut your hair, your hair will never get back. 

Tip 7: Cut less than you think. Remember that you can always cut more, but once you cut your hair off, you can never get it back!


And with that said, we hope this article has given you some advice about why you should cut your hair and how to cut your wig by yourself. Good luck!


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