How to Cut a Lace Front Wig


Now, many girls like to wear human hair wigs. Some people wear wigs to cover their baldness, while others wear wigs to change their style. Whatever the reason for wearing wigs, wigs are becoming more and more popular. There are more and more kinds of wigs, such as headband wigs, V part wigs, U part wigs and so on. Among all kinds of wigs, lace front wigs have always been the most popular type. Lace front wig not only has a natural appearance, but also is very comfortable to wear. You can wear a lace wig at any time and place. However, some girls worry that the lace on the forehead will make the hairline look unnatural. In fact, as long as you master the trick, trimming lace is a very simple thing. If you don’t know how to cut a lace front wig, please read on. This article will teach you how to trim lace.

Tools Needed To Cut The Lace:

It is important to have some skills when trimming lace front wigs, but it is also important to have some proper tools. Get these things ready before you trim your lace wig to make your trim more smooth.

Scissors: You can use a sharp daily scissors, or you can use smaller nail scissors, so you can better control the cutting speed and area. Be careful not to cut your hands or skin when using scissors.

Clips: You should use clips to fix the hair to the back before trimming the lace front wig, so that the lace to be trimmed can be exposed, and you can easily trim the lace.

Comb: A comb can help you separate your hair so that you can trim the lace more accurately.

Mannequin Head: You can put the wig on the mannequin’s head before trimming the lace, which is more convenient for you to trim the lace. But some people like to wear wigs and then trim them according to their hairline, so mannequin heads are not necessary.

Steps To Cut A Lace Front Wig:

Step 1:Fix The Wig On The Mannequin Head Or Your Head

First place the wig on the head of the mannequin, or wear it on your own head. This step can be based on your own preferences. If you put the wig on the head of the mannequin, you should fix the hair with hairpins to ensure that the lace front wig will not fall off when you trim the lace. If you wear the wig on your head, you can pull the wig forward a little after wearing it, so that the hairline of your wig slightly exceeds the part of your hairline. The lace should extend beyond your natural hairline. Then fix the wig to make sure it doesn’t swing back and forth on your head. You can use the adjustment strap on the wig to fix the wig to the head.

Step 2:Map Out The Hairline

The best technique for cutting lace wigs is to draw a line along your hairline, which can guide you where to cut. All you need to do is trace your hairline with a makeup pencil a few feet in front of your hairline. Make sure to leave a distance between the hairline and the trace line. If you put the wig on the head of a mannequin, you can take a picture of your hairline. Then start to draw your hairline a little in front of the lace according to the hairline shape in the photo. The lace cut in this way will be more in line with your own hairline and look more natural.

Step 3: Cut The Lace

When cutting the lace, you must choose the tool that makes you feel comfortable. You can use scissors, nail clippers or even eyebrow razors. But make sure that the tools you use are sharp. If the scissors you use are not too sharp, they will pull the lace, which will damage the lace. When cutting, the lace should be straightened to avoid accidental cutting of excessive lace. Trim along the previously drawn hairline. If you are a novice lace cutter and are not confident to trim the lace at once, you can cut the lace into small pieces, which can make you cut the lace easily. When you cut the lace, you should be careful. Cut the lace slowly and there won’t many errors.

Step 4: Get Some Baby Hair

After trimming the lace, you can leave some hair near the hairline. Cut down the hair near the hairline. Then use cream or hair gel to make baby hair more comfortable. Then you can decorate your baby hair. Baby hair can not only make your wigs natural, but also can make your wigs look stylish.

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Questions & Answers

Q How Should I Choose Between A Lace Wig And A Non-Lace Wig?
A If you are a novice and have limited financial ability, it is recommended to choose a non-lace wig, which is convenient to wear and meets the needs of daily life. If you participate in important occasions or have high requirements for wig quality, it is recommended to choose lace wigs, which can make you sparkle in the crowd. If you want to try lace wigs but have limited financial ability, it is recommended to choose Hurela T part lace wigs, so that you can have the natural feeling of lace wigs without spending too much. If you want to buy a non-lace wig but want to have a natural hairline, I recommend U part or V part-related products.
Q What is the best way how to remove lace front wig?
A The best way how to remove lace front wig will still be by using a product meant to break down the adhesive. It will give you instant results and lessen time consumption. However, if there are no available products, a baking soda mixture is the best method.
Q Can I rip the lace front wig off gently?
A Ripping off the lace front wig without treatment is not advisable. The lace is attached to your forehead via glue. Aside from, it will hurt you in the process; it might tear your skin and the lace of the wig.


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