How to care wigs in winter


The cold winter has arrived,and Christmas is about to be extended.Are you shopping for a beautiful wig?How to care for human hair wigs in winter,do you know?So how to care for wigs in winter,I can tell you to help you through the whole winter,no need to go to the wig shop to take care of your hair,it can be solved at home!

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How to care wigs in winter

Tip 1 Keep hair moisture

Because of the dry weather in winter,I actually like the humidity of winter wigs because it can make up for the lack of humidity.You can use the humidifier in your own room. Humidifiers can not only make people feel comfortable,but also help wigs perform better.Make them static free.If you don’t have a humidifier,you can place the fake in the bathroom,where the humidity is higher.

Tip 2 Comb your hair after taking off

There is static electricity in your hair.In winter,because of the dry weather,when you come home and don't plan to bring your hair anymore,you have to comb it.Because there is a lot of static electricity in your hair,it often causes knotting and static electricity together with sweaters.When you take off the wig,you should brush it. People tend to take it off,put it down,forget about it,and don't wear it again until the next time it is needed.Sometimes the entire wig needs to be combed,and sometimes even the back of the wig needs to be knotted.If you can pay attention to this small detail,the experience will be better next time.

human hair wig

Tip 3 Do not brush wet wigs and wash less

In bad weather like rain or snow,when your hair gets wet,do you want to dry it and comb it? Don't let it dry naturally,which is especially important for wigs.To reduce the number of cleaning wigs,I always think that the less the better.The constant pulling of the hair dryer and curling tongs is not good for the wig.Wigs are usually kept cleaner in cold weather than warm ones,so they should be washed less.

How to air dry a wig

Step 1: Shampoo and condition the wig before going to bed.

Step 2: Gently tap the wig with a soft towel(do not rub)it.

Step 3: Shape and shape the wig to the desired appearance.

Step 4: Let the wig dry overnight.If you wash your wig in the morning,it may take a long time to wear the wig.

human hair wig

Tip 4 Choose a wig suitable for winter

Synthetic wigs are more fragile than human wigs,which means that they break,tear and entangle more in dry air than human wigs.Although buying a human hair wig in the winter may be a bit of a waste,it can actually save you money in the long run.Since human hair wigs are less likely to break than synthetic wigs,they do not need to be replaced if they encounter wind and snow.

Tip 5 Dress appropriately

No, we don’t mean that you can’t wear clothes you like,but avoid wearing wigs. When the wig rubs on wool coats,sweaters and scarves,the strands will tangle and break.Not only that,wool clothing can also make your wig a mess.To avoid tangles and knots,cover the wig with a hat or silk scarf when wearing woolen clothes.When wearing a wig,it is best to give up woolen clothes altogether.

And if you decide to wear a hat on your wig,please choose a hat made of soft materials such as artificial fur,cashmere or 100% cotton.Your hat should also be too big.If the cap is too small,the wig may fall off when the cap is removed.

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