How To Care For Curly Hair


There are all kinds of hairstyles in the world. All kinds of hair texture can be woven into different hairstyles. But there is one thing in common: no matter what kind of hairstyle it is, it looks the same beautiful. From straight hair to curly hair, from big wave hair to kinky curly hair. Curly hair types are considered very fragile and more prone to fracture than straight hair. Although curly hair is a gorgeous texture, the more curly your hair is, the easier it will dry. Considering the porosity of hair, you may not really know how to keep curly hair healthy and flourishing. Regardless of your hair texture, thickness or tightness, you need to know how to care for your curly hair. If you don’t know how to care for your curly hair, read on. This article will tell you how to properly care for your wig.

1. Wash Your Hair Properly

Curly hair doesn’t have to be washed every day. For anyone with curly hair, fragile hair is a huge obstacle. It may also hinder the growth of your hair and make your hair less. Your natural hair shrinks the most when it is wet, so if you wash your hair without habitual care, your curly hair will gather together, which will only lead to excessive hair fracture. The right way to wash your hair will make your hair healthier and healthier. Don’t wash your hair too often. You only need to wash it once or twice a week. Choose the right shampoo when shampooing. Sulfate free shampoo is one of the best products for curling hair.

2. Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Curly hair tends to dry out quickly and lose moisture, so in order to prevent it, you must keep hydrating your hair. Before styling your hair, make sure you always apply moisturizer, cream or oil to it. When you use protective styles such as braids, please use moisturizing products to keep your hair moist throughout the process. In addition, you also need to regularly use moisturizing hair mask to treat your hair. Regular use of moisturizing hair mask can moisturize your dry hair to the maximum extent.

3. Use A Protective Curly Hairstyle

A protective style of hair helps prevent hair from breaking, falling off, or damaging. There are many protective hairstyles, such as cornrows, Bantu knots, box braids and twists. Don’t braid the protective hairstyle too tightly, otherwise it will damage the scalp. With a protective hairstyle, you can reduce the chance of over combing, over styling or damage to your hair due to heat. Remember to avoid dirt accumulation when wearing protective styles, and oil your hair and scalp every day to keep your hair scalp healthy.

4. Sleep With A Satin Scarf Or Bonnet

Protecting your hair with a scarf while sleeping is a very good way to prevent damage to your hair. When you sleep, your hair will directly be contacted with the fabric on the pillowcase. The friction between hair and pillowcase will break the fragile hair. Choose fabrics that minimize friction and retain moisture. Silk and satin scarves are perfect because hair does not stick or rub. You can not only protect your hair from damage, but also keep your hair without using too many products.

5. Use Hair Dryers Less Often

Unlike other hair types, curly hair, especially curly hair with small curl, looks very fragile and has a higher risk of hair damage. Using a hair dryer on wet natural hair requires a high temperature and a large amount of pulling with a styling brush. High temperature and friction are the two most harmful ways to wigs. Excessive friction and heat on the hair must be avoided as much as possible to reduce damage and entanglement. Air dried hair is a better choice, which can protect your hair from excessive fracture. Remember, never dry your hair with a towel! Using a towel will roughen the cuticle of hair and lead to damage. Squeeze your hair dry with a soft old T-shirt.

6. Trim Your Hair Regularly

Once the hair has a split end, it means that your hair has been damaged. If you let it grow at this time, your hair will get worse and worse. Hanging on damaged ends will only prevent healthy hair growth at the root. So always trim these ends so that your hair can grow longer. Every few weeks, you should check whether your hair is split and trim it yourself or have a hairdresser do it for you.

7. Avoid Using Too Much Heat

Applying too much heat to hair can damage natural hair. For healthier and longer curls, you need to stop drying and styling your hair with hot air. If you want to change your hair without damaging it, you can try a wig. It’s very natural to wear a human hair wig on your head. And there are different kinds of styles of wigs. Many styles of wigs are very convenient to wear.

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Q What Are The Advantages Of Human Hair Wigs?
A First of all, the diversity of textures. There are many types of human hair wigs, such as Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, etc. Therefore, you can choose a wig that is close to your natural hair texture. Secondly, the versatility of styling. As you know, human hair wigs are made from real natural human hair. Due to this reason, these wigs are easier to style. You can cut, color and perm them just like you would do with your own hair. Third, durability. With proper care and maintenance, a human hair wig can last for a long time. Finally, the natural look. Human hair wigs are soft and shiny, which makes them look very natural.


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