How Much Do Human Hair Wigs Cost?


1. How Much Should A Human Hair Wig Cost?

Typically a good wig can range anywhere from $50, up to $3,00. You can realistically find a really great wig anywhere in this price range, and with so many options out there, you should easily be able to find something you love in your budget.

huamn hair wigs, wig price

A good wig can initially sound like a big investment. We’re here to tell you that hurela mall, you can find the best wigs that only need to spend a little money. We work with top manufacturers and find you the top trending styles so that you have a broad selection to choose from while keeping all price ranges and budgets in mind. When choosing a good wig, there are some things you should consider when it comes to affordability.

2. Why Are Wigs So Expensive?

huamn hair wigs, wig price

Human hair wigs are becoming the essential decorative parts for women who want to change their looks.Usually the best human hair wigs come at a not cheap price. How much do human hair wigs cost has become the common question that every women want to know.When people decide to buy wigs, they also need to decide which to buy, human hair wigs and synthetic wigs? The synthetic wigs will be much cheaper than the real human hair wigs. The cost of a synthetic wig is about $30.But the cost of the best human hair wigs is higher than synthetic wigs. Usually, the price of a human hair wig is between $100-$300, depends on the hair textures, hair length, hair color, full lace or front lace base you choose .

Normally, lace front wigs are cheaper than full lace wigs because of the lace area. Long human hair wigs will be more expensive than short or bob human hair wigs because of the hair length. Colored human hair wigs will be more expensive than natural black color human hair wigs because of the hair color. But no matter which type of human hair wigs we prefer, we should trsust higher price will bring higher quality. This doesn't appeal women to buy the expensive human hair wigs, we should buy affordable human hair wigs, don't covet the little small favor.

There is another method to get best human hair wigs with cheap price, at least the price is cheaper than buying human hair wigs directly. That is to buy human hair bundles with closure and human hair bundles, then you can sew in them to a wig by yourself, this method is cheaper than buying human hair wigs directly from suppliers, but this method need professional skills, or you can go to your hairdresser for help.

3. How Much Do Human Hair Wigs Cost?

3.1 Hair Type

There are synthetic wigs, synthetic blend, human hair wigs. These range from in the 10’s up to the thousands of dollars, and the type of hair definitely plays a factor in price.

However, the type of hair doesn’t have to mean you’re sacrificing quality. There are many synthetic wigs that have been created and designed to mimic real human hair. You can even style them with low heat to get your desired look. Synthetic blend wigs are also a great option. You get human hair mixed with synthetic for an even more realistic look.

Of course, human hair and Remy wigs are the ones that will be the most like your own natural hair. You can dye, cute, style, and treat them just like your own natural locks. Remy human hair is virgin hair that has never been treated before.

huamn hair wigs, wig price

3.2 Hair Length

Of course, length plays a factor in the price of a good wig as well. The longer the wig, the more hair that is used to create the wig, so it will cost a little more for a long flowing wig than it will for a fun shorter cut.
Whether you go short or long, there is always a range of prices available among our selection of wigs.

3.3 Cap Style

Machine manufactured and standard wig caps are going to be your least expensive caps when it comes to wigs. Those can be comfortable, but there are also disadvantages when it comes to comfort and airiness as well.Lace front caps are a good in-between and can come in various types of wigs in a range of prices. These caps are comfortable and make the hairline look natural.

Monofilament caps are pricier because they’re carefully constructed for comfort and natural appeal. They are often paired with a lace front for a natural hairline and many are individually sewn so the hair can be parted and tossed in any direction for a fully natural look and feel.

There is much to learn about choosing the right wig cap construction.Ultimately, there are many factors that make up the ricing of a wig, and the final choice to make is yours. If the price is a concern, there are always discounted and clearance styles you can look into. Typically a good wig can range anywhere from $50, up to $3,000.You can realistically find a really great wig anywhere in this price range, and with so many optithere, you should easily be able to find something you love in your budget. Take a look at our selection, and see for yourself!

human hair wig

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