Different Types Of Wig Cap Construction


When you decide to start wearing wigs, you will start to understand the types of wigs, find your favorite wig hairstyle and the hair color that perfectly matches your skin color. After buying a wig, you will learn how to wear your wig correctly. However, it is easy for many people to overlook an important thing, that is, to choose the construction of wig caps. Some people have only tried one type of wig cap construction. There are also many people who do not know which wig cap construction is best for them. When you think your current wig cap construction is suitable for you, it may be because you have not tried other wig cap constructions. The manufacturing technology of wigs is constantly improving, and the construction of wig caps is also constantly improving. When you choose a new wig, please pay attention to the construction type of the wig cap. Each wig cap construction has its advantages and disadvantages, which will bring you a completely different appearance and experience. The following are the different types of wig cap constructions. I believe that after reading this article, you can know how to choose the construction type of wig cap that suits you.

1. Lace Front Wigs

One of the biggest advantages of lace front wigs is that their hairline is very natural. The lace front wig looks like your own hair growing out of your own hairline area. The hairline of the lace front wig cap can extend from the left temple to the right temple, or from the left ear to the right ear. This increases the natural appearance of the wig and allows you to wear it to shape a variety of hairstyles away from the face, such as ponytails. Some lace front wigs are pre-plucked, and you can wear them at any time, while others require you to spend extra time to pluck them to make them more suitable for you. The lace front wig is the only wig cap structure type that perfectly mimics the appearance of natural hairline. But the wig in front of lace is very delicate. If you are not so careful when installing, removing or storing the lace front wig, your lace front wig is easy to tear or scatter, and this damage can not be repaired.

2.Monofilament Wigs

The monofilament wig cap has a very natural appearance. The monofilament wig uses transparent or soft nylon mesh in the top or crown area. The hair was manually tied to the nylon net by workers to simulate the natural hair growth direction. The materials used in the monofilament wig cap can provide a softer feeling for the scalp, and have the advantage of being cool and comfortable all day long. The mesh material gives people an illusion that it is grown from the scalp. If you wear a monofilament wig cap, it means that you can freely shape your hair, for example, you can tie your hair up without worrying about making your wig look unnatural. And your hair can also be combed in different directions. You can separate it from the middle or the side. The monofilament part of the monofilament wig cap can be the whole wig cap or just the top part of the wig. Double monofilament is also a type of wig cap. Double monofilament is made of double-layer monofilament material. This design provides better protection for scalp irritation, so it is more suitable for women with sensitive scalp.

3.100% Hand Tied Wigs

Each hair of the 100% hand tied wig is individually sewn on the net cap by workers using manual knotting technology. This process of sewing hair relies on manual technology, and there is no machine involved in this process. It also takes 2-3 days for a skilled worker to make a hand tied wig. The structure of the hand tied wig also makes the hairline of the wig very natural. There are no seams or weft threads, which means that hand binding is the most comfortable wig structure of all types of wigs. Moreover, this wig structure will be very soft on the scalp, which also makes the density of the wig lower, and it is closer to the density of natural hair, and looks more natural. Since there are no seams and weft yarns, this wig structure will also be very suitable for women with complete hair loss and sensitive scalp. The wig is also very light and comfortable to wear.

4.Wefted/Open Cap Wigs

Weft wigs are also called uncovered wigs or open wigs. They are the most basic wig cap structure, but they are also one of the most popular wig types. The hair of the basic wig cap is sewn into strips of material by machine. These bands are woven together to create the appearance of natural hair growing in different directions. The open cap wig is made of weft yarns of human hair, which are spaced apart on the wig cap. As the name implies, the open cap wig is the open structure at the scalp of the wig which can make the wig more light, breathable and affordable. In contrast to the different types of wigs with closed weft yarns, open weft yarns mean that many wig wearers prefer hoodless wigs because they can let the scalp breathe, which is very suitable for those hot summers.

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