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Beauty is the everlasting pursuit for everyone. A great hairstyle will elevate our temperature effectively, so does curly hairstyle. As curly hairstyles become a signal of trend, more and more women fall in love with it, and its popularity also expanded into human hair wigs field. Hurela provides various wonderful curly hairstyles to satisfy clients requirements. All these hairstyles we are going to see are made by human hair for more natural looking and better product quality.


Jerry curly wigs


Jerry curl, also known as the “Jeri curl,” was the typical style of the generation of 1980. People having Jerry curly hairstyle comes to represent some of the most fashionable beauty, iconic pop culture history. Popularized by legendary Micheal Jackson’s Thriller album cover in 1982, the hairstyle has been regarded as a cultural staple for the black community.

Circled the hair in one direction, Jerry curly is created by hairstylists and exhibited as soft, thick, bouncy, silky texture with high elasticity. In addition, Jerry curly is versatile for different occasions, whether you want to go to a party with your lover, or prepare for a date, or just go to the office, it is all suitable.

No need big volume or thick hair texture for good effect, Jerry curly will not disappoint your expectation. Only three bundles of wigs to be the raw material, a perfect Jerry curly wig is waiting for you.




Body wave wigs


Body wave hairstyle is a kind of perm risen to frame in the 1980s and 1990s. Differ from other wave hairstyle, body wave is a big wave and looks more natural, which makes it easy to maintain and take care of. For its S shape, body wave exude women’s femininity and makes women more sexy, especially for curvy women. In texture aspect, this style loved by beauty who would like to add their hair volume and texture. Permed layer to layer, its wave become s more delicate and elegant, so it fits so many occasions from theater to home.

Moreover, you can style to another hairstyle like ponytail meanwhile holding its wave because of it silk touch and strong elasticity. Nowadays, body wave wigs are worldwide popular and appreciated by countless trendy girls. Made by human hair, they trend to have a long lifespan of 1 to 3 years with proper maintenance. Wearing a body wave wig, you will get fresh feeling and look more pretty than before.




Loose wave wigs


Loose wave refers to a wavier that curls do not flow in a same direction. This curl pattern is a little tighter and smaller than body wave. Not too tight and not too straight, require low maintenance. It is made for people who what have pretty curly but do not want to look too eye-catching. And loose wave wigs meet with worldwide appreciation by women for it looks like more natural, fluffy and friendly to everyone.

Created from purely human hair, the loose wave has a medium luster, looks like water wave surging after being exposed to sun shine. You will become a cute fairy with loose wave hair bleached into blonde, unique but not sharp, worth a try.    





Deep wave wigs


Deep wave is a smooth wave, but it is much deeper than body wave and that results in tighter curls. It has the same textures as your body wave hair, loose wave hair and natural wave but just the curls are tighter. Compared with the other three, deep wave hairstyle is more individual and has more strict requirement to hair length. Wearing by medium tall women may show better results.

If you want to add more volume to your own natural hair, deep wave hair is a good option, because it looks bomb and thick. And because all the deep wave hair on hurela are human hair wigs, you need to take good care of your deep wave hair just like to treat your own hair to protect from shedding and tangling. In addition, you would better not shampoo deep wave hair too often, or the big wave will lose more easily. Once a week is proper. If your own hair always sweat or be oily, three times a half month should be allowed.




Curly hairstyles are good options for women who want to change their hairstyles and get wonderful hair looking. Please read the introduction of different curly hairstyles above and pick the right style for you. And if you still have something confused, contact us. We will provide you a good service and answer all your questions in a short time!

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