Can I Wear A Wig To Gym?


If you are a wig lover and also an exercise lover, you definitely want to wear your gorgeous wig to the gym. But you may wonder which wig is perfect for you to do sports at the gym. In this blog, we are going to help you learn the basics of a good gym or exercise wig and how to take care of them.


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What Is A Gym Wig?

A gym wig is a wig that you can wear to the gym, to exercise, or for sports. Technically, most wigs do not restrict you in any way and you have the free choice to live the lifestyle you like, some features would make a wig suited for wearing at the gym.


Can I Wear A Wig To Gym?

Can I wear a wig to the gym? Has surely become one of the most topical for you. The short answer is Yes! You can wear your wig to the gym. In fact, modern wigs can serve as gym wigs because they aren’t their own separate type of wigs altogether. But if you want to wear a wig to the gym, there are some rules for caring for them when you are fond of exercise. 


Which Types Of Wigs Are Best For The Gym?

Any wig can serve as a wig gym simply if you choose to put it on to the gym. For those who are fond of keeping fit and doing sports, the wig can be annoying when they consider wearing a wig to the gym. Some people are so stressed about wearing a wig to the gym because they worry about the risk of the wig slipping in public. However, there are some certain features you should consider when choosing a gym wig.


Synthetic or Human

Human hair wigs are so popular in wig wear. Their materials and texture make them the same as our natural hair. That means chlorinated water, high temperatures, or sweat will not lead to irreparable damage to your human hair wigs. What’s more, you can comb or brush the hair tangles safely without worrying about wig breakage and damage. Besides, the strands of the human hair wig will not retain additional heat and are more breathable than synthetic wigs. Compared to synthetic wigs, human hair wigs are more expensive. This is the only obstacle for some people to buying it. As for synthetic wigs, you need to be more careful when you wear them to the gym. The synthetic fibers used for the stands are easily damaged and they will get tangled and loses their shine quickly. 


human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, gym wigs


Closure or Frontal

The frontal wig can give you a more natural look just like the hair growing directly from your scalp. But there is a limitation to the frontal. When you wear a frontal wig, it is inevitable to use a wig glue or gel. When you are doing sports, sweat can cause the product to break down, increasing the risk of your wig slipping off. Also, if you always wear the same lace front wig to the gym, it can be tedious to apply and constantly exposed to sweat when you work out, which will damage the delicate lace over time. We recommend closure wigs instead: they are more reliable and easy to wear and take off, so you can feel relaxed, comfortable, and confident all the way through your exercise.


Long or Short

There is always no right answer when it comes to the wig length. To be honest, a short wig is more rational and comfortable for you to the gym. And you do not need to worry about anything when you do the full workout program. However, if you have no plan to alter your long curls for anything else, you will not need to do this. You can use a hair ribbon, or make a braid, a bun, or a ponytail. They can make your workout with might and main more comfortable and give you an energetic and sexy look.


What Is The Best Way To Secure My Wig At The Gym?

We will provide some tips to help secure your wig at the gym.


1. Use wig clips or ribbons. They can give your wig a perfect fixation and prevent the wig from slipping and make your workout comfortable.


wig clips


2. Choose a breathable wig. Picking a breathable wig is good for your wig airflow. It prevents you from feeling on fire. 

3. Adjust the fit of the wig exactly to the size. If you wear a too tight wig, it will make you feel uncomfortable. So adjust the wig a little bit tight when you do active activities, which helps you fix your wig right on your head.

4. Take care of the cap. After your workouts, you also should wash your wig cap. You can just put your cap into a washing machine.


How Do I Take Care Of My Gym Wig?

1. Wash gym wigs regularly. After a workout, you need to wash your wig to get rid of any buildup, helping keep the hair light throughout extended wear. 



2. Take off after training. After your workout, you need to let your wig also and your scalp take a break and refresh naturally. Increased heat, sweat, and limited airflow lead to the accelerated proliferation of bacteria that can irritate the scalp and deteriorate your own hair. 


3. Wash natural hair regularly. Washing your own hair is also an essential step in your wig care maintenance. If you sweat a lot while working out, you should wash your natural more fraudulently. 


4. Comb gym wigs gently. After your workout, it is not uncommon for wig wear who do active movement and serious loads to produce tangles and knots. In this case, you need to gently comb your hair and get rid of them immediately to keep your wig in good condition.


comb a gym wig


As you can see, caring for wigs is not that difficult. So you do not need to be anxious about wearing a wig to the gym. You can make the balance between workouts and your wig.


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