5 Steps To Wearing An U Part Wig


U-part wig is one of the most popular wigs on the market today. Its simple-to-wear and realistic results have made it an instant favorite among hair gurus and celebrities alike. U-part wigs are a quick protective style that allows you to maintain a stylish look without completely covering your hair. In this blog, we will talk about how to wear this particular type of wig.

What are U-part wigs?

U-part wigs

A U-part wig, as its name implies, is a hair extension sewn onto a u-shaped wig cap. The cap consists of an elastic net and clips to hold it in place. The U part wig has a u-shaped hole in the middle that allows you to place your own hair on top of the wig to create a natural look. The u-shaped hole can appear in the middle or on the side of the wig cap, you can choose according to your needs. By wearing it, you not only have a natural hairline, but you also allow your natural hair to breathe which no other wig can match.

What are the benefits of U-part wigs?

There are undoubtedly some advantages of u part wigs, which is the reason why more and more women are buying them.

U-part wigs

1. Create a natural look

A beautiful and natural look is the first and most important purpose of wearing a wig. Unlike lace frontal wigs that achieve a natural look through a transparent lace covering, this wig makes the wig look like it grew out of your scalp by blending the wig with your natural hair.

2. Protect your hair and scalp

The health of your own hair is also a key concern, and you can't give up or damage your own hair just because you're wearing a wig. U-part wigs have u-shaped holes in them that keep your hair and scalp free from the stress of traditional sewn-in weaves, so it allows your hair to be more breathable and comfortable. In addition, the ease of removal gives you the opportunity to give your natural hair a proper wash and deep condition.

3. Promotes hair growth

The U-part wig is essential in your transition from wigs to natural hair. It is not only used to beautify your hair but also helps you to achieve thick and long hair quickly.

4. Protect your skin

The U-part wig does not require glue and stitching, which is a lifesaver for girls with sensitive skin. Also, these clip-on wigs will not harm your real hair and prevent hair loss. You can even wear them to sleep.

How to wear a U-part wig?

How to wear u part wig must be confusing for many new friends, follow the steps below, and we will teach you how to wear a U-part wig correctly.

U-part wigs

Step 1: Try it on

First, you need to put the U-part wig on your head. This will give you a clear idea of how much hair you need to leave for the u-part hole to achieve a seamless look.

Step 2: Part your hair

With the first step, I'm sure you have a good idea of where your hair needs to be separated from. Now, you need to use a rattail comb to separate your hair. The part from your hairline to your ears should also be parted about an inch wide. Then, use clips or a leather band to hold this hair in place, with the aim of keeping this section of hair away from the rest of your hair.

Step 3: Prepare for wear

Now all you need to do is braid the rest of your hair so that it is as flat as possible. Make sure you braid your hair down to the ends. If your hair is longer, you can tuck them into the braid and pin them in place with bobby pins. If your hair is shorter, smooth your hair with a little hairspray to keep your hair in place.

Step 4: Put it on

Some of the hair extensions may have straps on the front end, which you will need to cut off before using them. Then pinch the ends of the wig with both hands, place the wig on your head, and snap the clips tightly to cover your braid. Then, clip the sides and back to ensure a snug fit with no gaps.

Step 5: Adjust the wig

The U-part wig is usually equipped with adjustable elastic straps, so if your wig is too loose or tight, you can adjust the straps, which will stop your wig from slipping out. Finally, release the hair held in the u-shaped hole along the sides and top of your head to cover your wig. Gently comb through it with a wide-tooth comb and you're ready to look beautiful.

Hurela's U-part wig is made of 100% real hair, with its soft hair, breathable and comfortable hair cover, and long-lasting hairpin. Please feel free to ask Hurela's staff any questions and come share your favorite u part wigs in the comments section.

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Questions & Answers

Q Why Should I Choose U Part Wigs?
A The U part wig has many advantages and I would like to summarize it in four areas: First, creating a natural look. Unlike lace wigs that achieve a natural look through a transparent lace covering, this wig makes the wig appear very realistic and natural by blending the wig with your natural hair. Second, protects your hair and scalp. the U-shaped wig has U-shaped holes that allow your hair and scalp to breathe more because it is not subjected to the stress of a traditional sewn-in weave. Third, it promotes hair growth. A U-part wig is essential in your transition from wig to natural hair. You can remove it at night to give your hair a chance to grow and breathe. Finally, protect your skin. U-part wigs don't require glue and stitches, which is a lifesaver for girls with sensitive skin. Also, these clip-in wigs won't harm your real hair and prevent hair loss.


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