14 Inch Wig

How Long Is A 14 Inch Wig

It is mean about measured from the top of the head to the tail of the human hair wig. Wigs are measured from the root of the hair around the crown to the ends,it is 14 inches in total, regardless of the curvature of the hair. 14 inch refers to the length of the human hair wig in a straight state.

What Are The 14 Inch Human Hair Wigs

Hurela mall has 14-inch lace frontal wig, 14-inch lace part wigs, 14-inch headband wigs, 14-inch bob wig.

What Are The Wavy Hair Textures Of 14-Inch Human Hair Wigs

Hurela mall's human hair wigs have a 14-inch body wave wig, 14-inch curly wig, 14-inch deep wave wig, 14-inch straight wig

Why Is 14 Inch Wig Expensive

The price of a human hair wig is related to its size. As you can see, the price of a 14-inch wig is higher than that of a 12-inch wig. By analogy, you can get it. The price of a 14-inch wig is lower than 16-inch.

The price of wigs, but in addition, the material of the wig is also related to the price. The price of wigs made of lace is more expensive. There are also hand-woven wigs. The labor cost is relatively high, so the price of human hair wigs will also rise.

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