Wavy Bob Wig

Why We Want Wavy Bob Wig?

Summer is coming, girls. Do you want a versatile hairstyle that combines sexy and elegance? I think maybe you should try Bob wig"

If you haven't tried a bob hairstyle, you can't say that you can't find the right one."doesn't it sound overbearing? But this sentence has been said by many hairstylists, they said "No one is not suitable for Bob's headstyle"

Yes, Bob hairstyle is an enduring all-match hairstyle, and it can modify almost any face shape, whether your favorite style is cute and feminine or cool and handsome, you can find it in different Bob hairstyle wigs. But for some women, wearing a wig may be too much when the weather is hot. Don’t worry. Bob’s wig is made of high-quality soft human hair with lighter and cooler materials, which makes it more refreshing and cool. , Very suitable for summer.

With the trend of retro fashion, bob hair style will become a strong wind that can not be ignored in every season, especially in summer, and it changes with the retro elements every year. Of course, the most exciting thing is the bob hairstyle's ability to modify the face shape. As a universally recognized hairstyle, how to choose it without going wrong?

Various Wavy Bob Wig Choice For Different Face Shapes

There are many types of Bob wigs, and the characteristics of face shape and hair quality are also different. It is recommended to choose the bob wig that suits you according to the length of face and neck.

The first and most important thing is to find the length that makes the face look more beautiful. The length from under the ear to under the collarbone can be called bob hair, and the length suitable for different faces is different.

People with round faces are suitable for the length near the collarbone, which can extend the line of sight down to lengthen the face

A heart-shaped face can appropriately emphasize the chin line and cheekbones. A short wave head with a length near the corner of the jaw is recommended to weaken the naivety and big face brought by the large forehead.

The last thing people with square faces want to expose is the corners and width of the mandibular angle, so the length that can cover the mandibular angle is the most appropriate, of course, it can be longer, not shorter than the chin.

Needless to say, people with oval faces can control any length, so let’s do whatever you want.

People with long faces are suitable for the length of the angle of the mandible, or to the position of the clavicle, but with bangs and curl.

Choose Wavy Bob Wig according to the length of your neck

The harmony between the length of the neck and the length of the hair is very important. Even if you choose a suitable bob head length, if the neck is not up to the standard, the overall effect will be very degraded.

Generally speaking, people with long necks can choose a lot of space, and they can basically play freely.

It is relatively difficult for people with a short neck. In order to prevent the short neck from being exposed, it is most suitable to cover the position of the neck that is longer than the chin.You can also try shorter ones, such as the short bob head that reaches the hairline of the neck, and it also has the effect of lengthening the neck and showing the face.

Where to Buy Best Bob Wavy Wigs?

The great thing about Hurela real hair wigs is that our hats are tailored to your head according to the size guide, so as to provide you with the most natural wigs. This detailed design also reduces your need for glue, hairpins, combs or straps, making it easier for you to use.

And our products are made of 100% high-quality and healthy real human hair, which provides an excellent texture and can be used for a longer period of time.

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