Dark Rooted Wigs

What is a dark rooted wig?

The color of the root wig is different from the color of other parts. Generally speaking, the position of the hair root is relatively dark, which is beneficial to conceal the hairline and root space, making the wig look more natural and obvious. The difference in color gives the appearance of hair growing out of one's own scalp, as most people's roots and ends are not exactly the same color.

why choose dark rooted wigs?

Rooted wigs can help add volume to your human hair wig. A darker root with a lighter tail will have a noticeable contrast and can bring a new dimension to your look. You can choose the color you want according to your own preferences and enjoy the freshness and uniqueness brought by the color difference.

Another benefit of choosing a dark rooted wig is that it gives you a more realistic natural look. It is impossible for everyone's hair color to stay in a single shade, and wigs with some root shadows are relatively more natural.

Do rooted wigs look natural? How about its price?

Generally speaking, rooted wigs are more natural than other rootless wigs, because most people's hair roots and hair tails are not exactly the same color, and there will be some color differences, so if you choose the right one, transplant a wig that looks just like your real hair. Rooted wigs are more expensive than rootless wigs, but overall the price is not high. Prices range from $50 to $140, but the average price is still low, about the same as headband wigs.


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