Curly Wigs

How to wash curly wigs?

Wigs are not cleaned as often as possible, and frequent cleaning may reduce the service life of the wig. If your wig looks greasy, tarnished, or prone to tangles, it's time to wash your human hair wig. Here are the steps to wash curly wigs.

Put the wig completely into a basin full of warm water. Be careful not to use hot water, because it will seriously damage the wig. Use a shampoo product after the wig is completely wet. Apply the shampoo evenly to the wig and massage gently with your fingers. During this process, avoid vigorous scrubbing. Next, rinse off the shampoo foam with clean water. In order to avoid tangles, it should be rinsed from the root to the tip of the hair, and the direction of the water flow should be consistent with the direction of the wig.

After washing, lay the wig flat on a clean towel and use another dry towel to absorb the moisture from the wig. While doing this, be careful not to rub vigorously with a dry towel. When the wig is in a serious wet state, do not put it on the wig stand to avoid the weight of the wet hair being too heavy and causing the wig to be elongated and deformed.


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